Abhishek Baura

Name: Abhishek Barua
Course: BE Information Technology
College: Delhi College of Engineering
Company: Handygo
Package offered: 4 LPA
Preparations: I didn’t prepare much. Actually didn’t get much time for this. I was a PC (placement coordinator) so most of the time in T&P :
Books Referred: I concentrated more on the following: C,C++,RDBMS,Computer Networks,Data Structures,OS.

For these, I referred:

C/C++ – Yashwant Kanetkar/ E Balaguruswami/Test your C skills

RDBMS-Korth & Navathe

Computer Networks- Forouzan & Tenanbaum

Data Structures- Yashwant Kanetkar

Operating System-Galvin

Group Discussion & Personal Interview: Here again I did not prepare much. GDs are like general discussions & PI’s depend completely on how you handle the thing. Yes you need preparation for Tech parts only i.e. you need to brush up your concepts regarding technical knowledge.
The Written round: This had more of Technical questions and aptitude based ones. This went off well.
The Group Discussion Round: There was no group discussion!
The Interview: We were given 5 minutes to prepare for the next round.  Technical as well as HR based questions were asked.
Role of Internships and extracurricular activities: If you think that perhaps extracurricular do not help then think twice. Trust me, Anything and Everything helps!

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