Akshay kumar

Name: Akshay Kumar
Course: BE COE
College: DCE
Company: 1) Microsoft R&D

2) IBM research labs

3) Samsung

Package offered: 12.8 LPA
Preparations: : I am really glad I got placed in not 1 but 3 companies. Of course I had to choose the best among them!

To get to this milestone, I had preparing for 3 years. Well, now don’t get a shock, it’s just that I have always loved programming, right from school days. So it was more of fun for me to study related books.

Books referred: If you are also a programming lover then I will tell you to go for Coreman (algorithms), Tanenbaum (DS), Herbert Schildt (C, C++), Deitel (java), Richard Stevens (Linux), Nemeth (Linux) and a lot more. In all, I paid attention to C, C++, Linux, Shell Scripting, Python, Java and C #
Websites referred: You might know about “topcoder.com”. Here I practiced coding a lot. Also there were Informatics Olympiads problems; then did few projects from CMU, MIT computer department forums. You can extensively use the internet for developing your programming skills.
Group discussion and PI: There was no group discussion (thankfully, I had never even prepared for them!)
The Written round: The written round had mainly technical questions.
The Interview: For Microsoft, there were 4 rounds of technical interviews. In each, they asked a lot about coding, questions from operating systems and data structures plus a few design related problems.

I would also like to share with you my interview in IBM Research Labs where I had got a PPO during my intern. There was one round of technical interview. It was for 2 hours and I was asked a lot about the project I was working on there.  Also I was questioned on Linux, networking and algorithms. There were hardly any HR question asked in both Microsoft and IBM. In Samsung electronics though there was a HR round but it was pretty easy. Things like hobbies etc were asked. I had heard that in consulting companies though they grill you a lot on HR.

Role of Internships and extracurricular activities: As I mentioned, I got PPO in IBM, so it’s good to pay attention to your internship. It will give you a sense of security plus the quality of work you do in interns also add a lot to your knowledge base. Now if you ask me about extracurricular activities, it is all about your personality, the way you present yourself and the confidence and analytical skills you have. If you have extracurricular certificates it’s good, but not having any extracurricular experience is no disadvantage.

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