Advance Diploma in Multimedia System

The questions shall be based on the following :

  1. Elementary Mathematics
  2. Basics of Computing
  • Elementary Mathematics : Sets, Relations and functions, Complex numbers, Quadratic equations, Trigonometry, Coordinate system : Straight line, Circle and Conic Sections, Limit continuity and Differentiability, Differentiation and application of derivatives (e.g. Tangent and normal, Maxima and minima of single variable etc.), Basic integration, Definite integral and its applications.
  • Basics of Computing : Information representation, Number system, Elementary logic gates, Boolean algebra, Basic building blocks of computer system : Processor, Memory (RAM, ROM etc.), Input / Output devices, Secondary storage devices, Speed factors, Clock ratio etc., Classification of computers based on processing speed.
    Computer Problem Solving, Algorithm development tools, Algorithm development for simple problems, Flow charts, Elementary C- Programming. Software and its classification, Utility programs, Diagnostic programs, Viruses and vaccines, Basics of windows, Internet,www, Search engines and Multimedia, Application of computers to information management.

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