Diploma in Costume Design & Garment Technology for Girls

The questions shall be based on the following :

  • General English
  • General Awareness
  • Mathematics

1. General English :
Comprehension at sentence level, Identification of Mistakes, Vocabulary word formation, Synonyms, Antonyms, Pairing of words and making analogies, grammar : Tenses, sentences, structure, voice, preposition, preposition idioms and completion of sentences.

2. General Awareness :

To test the candidate’s awareness of the developments in the Cultural, Sports, Political, Social, Technological and Fashion designing both in the Indian and International context.

3. Mathematics

Linear equations in one variable / two variable, Elementary geometry (area of some geometrical figures e.g. circle, square, rectangle, triangle etc.), HCF and LCM, Sqaure roots and cube roots, Simple and compound interest, Profit, Loss and average, and Reasoning.

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