M.Sc.Wildlife Sciences

Ecology and Conservation

Life : its origin and definition, Animal diversity, Evolution of Life, Fundamental of Genetics, Species and Population Systematics : the science of animal classification, Ecology : definition and scope. Ecosystem, Energy flow and biogeochemical cycles in ecosystem. Biotic community concept. Species diversity, richness and evenness. Food chains and food webs, food pyramid and population regulation. Natural resources. Man in nature. Ecological implications of continued human population increase and the necessity of conservation of resources and wildlife management. Indian national parks and sanctuaries. Major Indian mammalian and avian taxa and threats to their conservation. Wildlife Protection Act (1972). Project Tiger and Tiger Reserves in India. Major forest types and bio-geographical regions in India. Current issues in wildlife conservation in India. Major NGOs and their role in wildlife conservation. Trade in wildlife. Concept of biodiversity.

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