Syllabus of Admission Test

B. Ed. (Civics)

  • General Intelligence;
  • General English : The Syllabus for B. Ed. General English course shall comprise questions on language, grammar meanings of words, use of idioms and phrases;
  • One of the SCHOOL SUBJECTS.

School Subject – Civics

  • Basic Concepts : Theories of Origin of State; Sovereignty; Liberty, Equality and Justice; Democracy, Dictatorship, Federalism, Communism, Socialism.
  • Political Thought : Salient Features of Greek Political Thought; Salient Features of Medieval Political Thought; Political Ideas of Plato, Aristotle, Machiavelli, J.S. Mill Karl Marx, Kautilya, K.K. Gandhi, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan.
  • Govt. and Politics : India and other Countries, Main Features of the Indian Constitution Fundamental Rights and Duties of Citizen. Powers, Functions and Role of President, Prime Minister and Council of Ministers of India; Role of Governor. Local Self-government in India.Party System in India and Electoral Reforms.Powers of the Queen, Prime Minister and Parliament in U.K.Powers and Role of U.S. President.
  • International Relations : National Interest; Foreign Policy – Nature and determinants; Cold War; Non-alignment; Détente; Globalization : Arguments for and Against; India’s foreign Policy; Main features; Role of the League of Nations and the United Nations; Role of EU; SAARC and ASEAN.

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