Syllabus of Admission Test

B. Ed. (History)

  • General Intelligence;
  • General English : The Syllabus for B. Ed. General English course shall comprise questions on language, grammar meanings of words, use of idioms and phrases;
  • One of the SCHOOL SUBJECTS.

School Subject – History

  • Indus Civilization
  • The Vedic Age
  • Religious Movements : Jainism and Buddhism
  • The Mauryan Empire
  • Central Asian Contacts : Indo-Greeks, Shakas, Pratiharas and Kushanas.
  • The Age of Statavahanas.
  • The Sangam Age.
  • The Guptas.
  • Harsha Age.
  • The Cholas.
  • Invasions of Sultan Mahmud of Ghazni and Ghorian Conquests.
  • The Delhi Sultanate : Dynastic History; Administration, Art and Architecture.
  • Provincial Dynasties : Malwa and Gujarat.
  • The Vijayanagar Empire.
  • Religious Movements in Medieval Period : Sufism (Special Reference to Chisti and Suhravardi) and Bhaktism (Kabir and Nanak).
  • The Mughal Empire : (Babur to Aurangzeb) Administration, Art and Architecture.
  • Sher Shah : Revenue Administration.
  • The Marathas : Shivaji and Shahu.
  • Beginning of the European Commerce : The Portuguese, The Dutch, The English and the French.
  • Successor States : Hyderabad, Bengal and Awadh.
  • Land Revenue Settlements : Permanent, Ryotwari and Mahalwari.
  • Social and Cultural Awakening : Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Dayanand Sarasvati, Ishwar Chandra Vidya Sagar.
  • The Revolt of 1857 : Causes, Course of the Revolt and Consequences.
  • Growth of the National Movement : Formation of the Indian National Congress; Partition of Bengal and the Swadeshi Movement.
  • The Foundation of the All India Muslim League.
  • The Morley – Minto Reforms 1909.
  • The Lucknow Pact – 1916.
  • Government of India Acts of 1919 and 1935.
  • The Home Rule Movement.
  • Gandhis Philosophy; Involvement in Champaran, Kheda, Ahmadabad Satyagraha.
  • Rowlatt Act.
  • The Khilafat and Non-Cooperation Movement 1920-22.
  • The Simon Commission.
  • The Nehru Report.
  • Civil Disobedience Movement 1930-34.
  • Provincial Elections – 1937 and Congress Ministries.
  • Cripps Mission.
  • Quit India Movement.

European Renaissance, Reformation, Industrial Revolution,French Revolution and American War of independence.

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