Faculty Of Social Sciences

B. Ed. (Islamic Studies)

  • General Intelligence;
  • General English : The Syllabus for B. Ed. General English course shall comprise questions on language, grammar meanings of words, use of idioms and phrases;
  • One of the SCHOOL SUBJECTS.

School Subject – Islamic Studies

  • Arabic Society and Culture on the eve of Islam
  • Biography of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) (Makka & Madina)
  • Fundamental teachings of Islam
  • Socio-Political and Economic reforms of Muhammad (SAW)
  • Khulafa-e-Rashidun : Conquests & Reforms.
  • Umayyads : Amir Muawiya, Abdul Malik, Walid, Umar bin Abdul Aziz-Conquest and System of Administration.
  • Abbasids : Mansur, Harun, Mamun – Conquests, Social Structure & System of Administration.
  • Development of Arts & Sciences upto Abbasids
  • Advent and Spread of Islam in India
  • The Ottomans : Osman Khan, Salim & Sulaiman the Magnificient
  • Development of Arts & Sciences under Ottomans
  • Tanzimat and Young Turks Movement
  • Islamic Culture in Iran
  • Islam in China
  • Islam in South Asia & South East Asia
  • Islam in Africa & Spain
  • Muslim Dynasties in Arab East
  • Muslim Sects & Thinkers
  • Muslim Reforms Movements (Arabia, India, North Africa, Turkey & Central Asia)
  • Contemporary Issues of the Muslim World.

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