MICROECONOMICS : Theory of consumers’ behaviour, theory of production and cost, Elasticity of Demand, Market structure and price output determination, Pricing of factors of production.

MACROECONOMICS : National income – concepts, measurement and limitations, Classical theory and Keynesian theory of income and employment. Theories of consumption and investment, Multiplier and Accelerator, Classical, neo-classical and Keynesian theories of interest. IS-LM Analysis.

INDIAN ECONOMY : Basic features, Growth and Structural changes, Institutional and technological reforms in Indian agriculture. Agricultural Finance and Marketing. Agricultural prices, Food security and Public Distribution system. Industrial policy, Industrial finance, Role of small scale and cottage industries. Planning in India, Growth, composition and direction of India’s foreign trade. Balance of Payments problem; trade policy. WTO and Indian Economy Poverty, income inequality, regional imbalances and inflation.

MONEY & BANKING : Concept, functions and classification of money, Money and Prices, Commercial banking, Central banking. Structure and functions of financial markets in India. Recent reforms in Banking sector in India.

ECONOMICS OF DEVELOPMENT : Economic growth and development, Economic development and role of institutions, Stages of economic growth, Sustainable economic development. Harrod- Domar and Solow Growth Models, Partial theories of growth and development. Terms of trade between agriculture and industry. Investment criteria. Need and measures of environmental preservation. Environmental problems and policy in India.

QUANTITATIVE TECHNIQUE : Concept and types of functions. Rules of differentiation. Maxima and Minima; Indefinite and Definite Integrals. Matrices and Determinants. Measures of Central Tendency and Dispersion. Simple correction and regression; Index numbers; Time Series analysis.

NOTE : (In addition to the above some questions on General English and General Awareness will also be asked).

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