Outline Syllabus for Departmental Test for Admission to M.A. (Education)

A. Fundamentals of Educational Philosophy, Sociology and Theory :

Meaning, aims, types and functions of Education.

Agencies of Education.

Culture and its concept and role of education in Socio-cultural change.

Philosophy and its relationship with Education.

Idealism, naturalism, pragmatism, democracy, secularism, socialism, nationalism and internationalism and education.

Modern Indian Philosophy of Education. Sociology and Education Modernization and Education.

Rural Education and Education of Scheduled caste and scheduled tribes.

B. Educational Psychology :

Meaning, scope and the significance of Educational Psychology.

Development and growth and landmarks of development : physical, social, emotional, intellectual and language.

Intelligence, its types and tests.

Learning and its theories, transfer of learning, motivation and retention.

Personality, its determinants, structure and assessment, mental health, mental hygiene, adjustment, defense mechanisms.

Characteristics of a good measuring instrument.

C. History of Education in India :

Education in ancient India with reference to Brahminic and Budhist Education. Education in Medieval India.

Major recommendations of Hunter Commission, Hartog, Committee Report, Calcutta University Commission, Wood-Abbot Report, Zakir Husain Committee Report, Sargent report. Education after independence – Radhakrishnan Commission, Mudaliar Commision.

Kothari Commission, National Policy of Education (1986) and Programme of Action (1992).

D. Indian Education Problems :

Pre-primary, Basic Education and Elementary Education.

Universalization of Education.

Aligarh Muslim University

Adult Education, National Adult Education Programme (NAEP), Mass Programme for

Functional Literacy (MPFL), National Literacy Mission (NLM) and Community Colleges.

Aims of Secondary Education in India.

Vocationalization of Education.

10+2+3 system of Education.

Aims of Higher Education of India.

Quality of Higher Education

Problems of Higher Education

Importance of Technical Education

Problems and remedies of technical education.

E. Environmental Education :

Meaning Objectives and importance of environmental education.

Historical development of environmental education with special reference to India.

Ecology and Ecosystem.

Global environmental problems.

Air, water, noise and land pollution and measures to control.

Conservation of natural resources.

Environmental management in the context of sustainable development Environmental Education in the Curriculum at various levels of Education.

F. Curriculum Development :

Concept of curriculum and its components.

Need for change in curriculum. Various types of curriculum.

New trends in curriculum development.

Philosophical, Sociological and Psychological foundations of Curriculum development. Process of Curriculum


G. Education Systems of USA, Russia and UK :

Significance of study of various systems of education.

Education in USA, Russia and UK with reference to Elementary, Secondary and Higher Education.

Comparison of teacher education programmes in USA, Russia and UK

H. School Administration and Health Education :

Meaning, scope and process of school administration School principal, School teachers

Discipline and its changing concept.

Student’s activities their objectives and types. School plant and time table.

Aligarh Muslim University

Concept and objectives of health education.

Health Services at Schools

First Aid.

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