The M.A. admission test paper was prepared on the basis of our B.A. (Final) Syllabi.

1. Indian Civilization

2. The Vedic Age

3. Jainism and Buddhism

4. Mauryan Empire

5. Kushanas

6. The Guptas

7. Indian Feudalism its main characteristics

8. Ghorian Conquests: Major conquests, Causes and Consequences

9. Salient Features of Political and administrative system of the Delhi Sultans

10. Agrarian and Economic policies under the Delhi Sultans

11. Sufism Special reference to Chishti and Suhrawardi

12. Bhakti Movement Kabir and Nanak

13. Sultanant Architecture

14. Babar and the establishment of Mughal Empire

15. Sher Shab: Revenue administration

16. Akbar to Aurangzeb: Major conquests, Rajput and Religion Policy, Mansab and Jagir system

17. Mughal art and Architecture

18. Aurangzeb’s Deccan Policy

19. The Marathas: Establishment and expansion of Maratha power under Shivaji, Shahu and the Peshwas, Administration

20. Establishment of British Power in India: Battle of Plassey and Busar

21. Land Revenue Settlements: Permanent Ryotwari and Mahalwari

22. Revolt of 1857

23. Raja ram Mohan Roy, Arya Samaj, Aligarh Movement

24. Railway, Commercialization of Agriculture and Modern Industries

25. Formation of the Indian National Congress Swadeshi Movement

26. The Simon Commission and the Nehru Report

27. Gandhian Philosophy, Non-Cooperation and Civil Disobedience (1930-34)

28. Peasant and Working Class Movement

29. Government of India Act 1919 and 1935

30. The Congress Ministries

31. Cripps Mission

32. the Quit India Movement

33. European Renaissance, Reformation, Industrial Revaluation, French Revolution, American War of Independence

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