Principles of sociology : Introduction, basic concepts, social institution, major social institutions, major social processes, social change in india.

Urban society : Introductory, social institutions in urban-setting, urban social organization, major social problems, urban re-construction and planning.

Rural community : Basic concepts, rural social structure, agrarian social structure, religion in rural india, rural polity.

Indian social institution : Family, marriage and kinship in india, caste in india, village community in india, religion in india, economic and political institutions.

Religion and society in india : Approach to the study of religion, sociology of primitive religion, religion and society in hinduism, religion and society in islam, religion and secularism.

Social disorganization : introduction, forms of individual disorganization, forms of family disorganization, community disorganization, welfare services.

Introduction of social thought : intellectual and social background of sociological thought, french school, british and italian school, german school, modern and contemporary school.

Research methodology, statistics and field work : social research, application of scientific method, methods / technques of data collection, sampling and diagrams, statistical calculation.

Community health and family planning in india : Health and society concepts in community health, community health in india, indian population problems, family planning in india.

Sociology of minorities : Minority-majority relations, indian muslims, indian christians, sikhs of india, minorities and other backward classes of india.

Indian social problems : Socio-political problems, socio-legal problems, socio-cultural problems, socio-economic problems, socio-demographic problems.

Social change in india : Social change, theories of social change, major process of change in india, changes in social institutions, social movements.

Social control : Social control, institutions of social control, means of social control, crime and social control, problems of social control in indian society.

Social stratification : Concept and approaches, forms of stratification, systems of stratification and social mobility, stratification and social change in india.

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