Time : 1.15 Hrs

MM : 50


  • History of Physical Education in India and world, Modern Physical Education in India and abroad, Welfare Programmes, contribution of pioneer institutes in developing Physical Education, Olympics (modern and ancient). Concept and misconceptions of Physical Education.
  • Schemes for promotion of Physical Education and Sports Sciences.
  • Principles, Philosophy & Objectives; need and scope of Physical Education in modern era.
  • Different ages, Fatigue;p it’s and effect on physical fitness component.
  • Somatotype : growth and maturation.
  • Psychological and Sociological Principles affecting sports performance.
  • The psychological basics of Learning Processes.
  • Personality, motivation.
  • National awards in sports.


  • Organization and Administration in Physical Education and Sports.
  • Facilities and standards in physical Education and sports.
  • Finance, Budget and Accounting.
  • Office Management, Promotion of Physical Education (programmes).
  • Need, importance, objectives and method of evaluation.
  • Planning and curriculum.
  • Concept of Intramural and Extramural competition in Physical Education.
  • Supervision, Inspection guiding principles, Qualities of supervisor.
  • Supervision and its techniques, Leadership.


  • Methods in Physical Education, Method of Promoting Physical Education.
  • Learning Process in Physical Education.
  • Methods of Teaching, Principles of Teaching, Effective Teaching, Command and Class Organization.
  • Tournament, Competition, Methods of Organizing and Conducting Tournaments.
  • Audiovisual Aids in Physical Education and sports sciences.
  • Age and Sex Characteristics and play preferences.
  • Statistics and its application in physical education – fundamental statistical techniques.
  • Test Measurement and evaluation in Physical education.
  • Physical Test, Skill Test, Test Construction in Physical Education, Test Administration
  • Lesson Plans in Physical Education.
  • Safety measures in Physical Education Programme.
  • Posture sports performance related tests; health related tests.
  • Laws of Learning.
  • Transfer of Learning
  • Types and characteristics of skills.
  • Theories of play


  • Health, factors and dimensions that influence health (heredity and environment).
  • Sanitation; communicable and non-communicable diseases.
  • Personal Health, mental hygiene, School Health Programme and community health programmes.
  • First Aid L Scope and its treatment method.
  • Sports Injuries : Common sports injuries and treatment, Prevention of the injuries.
  • Diet : Balanced diet, Nutrition, Malnutrition and its prevention, diet for specific sports.
  • Ergogenic aids.
  • Supplementary diet and drug for development of performance.


  • Basic Organisation of human body.
  • Systems of body.
  • Bio-energetics.
  • Joint structure, Classification & function, movements around joints.
  • Action of muscles in human body, Body Lever.
  • Exercise Programme for various parts of the body.
  • Systematic changes under the influence of exercise.
  • De-Training, Re-Training and maintenance of training effects.
  • Ergogenic aids and Altitude training.


  • Sports Training : Principles of Sports training.
  • Motor Components and its Development
  • Techniques and Tactics and their phases and methods.
  • Principles of Attack and Defence.
  • Planning and Periodisation.
  • Training load, components, Super-compensation and adaptation process.
  • Over load : courses and symptoms, teaching overload.
  • Conditioning
  • Physical fitness.

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