Anuj Gupta

Name: Anuj Gupta
Course: BE in Civil Engineering
College: DCE
Year: 2010
Company: Doosan Babcock
Package offered: 4.5 LPA
Preparations: I prepared a day or two.
Books Reffered: I feel for core reference, Course books are sufficient. No need to get into details. Just get your basics right. I specifically studied Determinate Structural Analysis, Design, Structures.

For Aptitude : Time study material and online sites are enough. You just need some practice.

GD, PI Preparations: I did not really prepare for them, but the importance of GD is highly underestimated. Sitting with a group of friends is more than sufficient as some experience of a GD is a must.

For a tech interview, your subject basics in place will sail you through. For HR, I did not prepare as such but my past interviews taught me what not to do( be well prepared for questions like “Tell us about yourself”, “Why us”.)

Eligibility criteria and students appeared: The eligibility criterion set was 60% and about 60 to 70 students were present for the written round.
The Written round: The paper had Technical as well as aptitude related questions.

Technical: It was a mix of theory related and numerical type questions (40 questions in 1 hr)

Important subjects are: Soil Mechanics/DSA/Structures/Design/IS Code-456

Aptitude: Questions were easy. They were all doable just with a difference that there was paucity of time for people who were out of practice (20 questions in 30 minutes)

The Group Discussion: Topics given were (to different groups)

: Should India bid for the 2020 Olympics?

: Is the population of India a boon or a bane?

: Are strict laws, on environmental projects being enforced today, hampering India’s growth?

We were given 1-2 minutes to prepare for it!

The Interview: The interview questions were both Technical and HR. Some of the questions asked were:

1) Beam/Slab related

2) Influence Line Diagrams and applications

Tech interview was quite a short one for most of us.

HR questions:

Family Background



Why Civil?


Role of Internships and extracurricular activities: As a matter of fact, core companies don’t really emphasize on your co-curricular. However if one has them, it’s always an added advantage.

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