Dheeraj Arora

Name: Dheeraj Arora
Course: Bachelor in Engineering Comoputer Engineering
College: DCE
Year: 2010
Company: Goldman Sachs
Package offered: sorry cannot disclose
Preparations: I wasn’t one of those who had been preparing for months on ends for the placements. Instead, I simply prepared for 10 days when I got to know about Goldman Sachs.
Books Reffered: I shortlisted a few subject to brush up like Data Structures, Algorithms, C, C++, Operating Systems, and DBMS. For those, I referred Data Structures by Tanenbaum and ALGO by Cormen
Website Reffered: By personal experience, I would suggest you to see www.foddalo.com. It was one of the websites I used during my preparations.
GD, PI Preparations: I did not do any particular preparations for GD or PI. But yes, I did read the newspapers daily.
Eligibility criteria and students appeared: The eligibility criterion set was 70% and I was lucky enough to be having the required marks. In all, 125 students were eligible and appeared for the written round.
The Written round: This was fun. Each GD team had 10 students. We were given a situation that a ship is drowning and there were various “types” of people with different qualities there. We had to discuss as to who to save. For this, we were given 5 minutes to prepare.
The Interview: This had technical questions again, mainly from coding and data structures. There was no HR round.
Role of Internships and extracurricular activities: I felt that my previous internship was very helpful, so do pay attention to that. As far as Extra currics are concerned, it depends completely on the company profile. Some may attention to it others may not.

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