The aim of these courses is to equip the students with various related skills apart from those which he / she is to acquire in DC 1& DC 2 or have been ushered primarily in the Foundation course, if he has opted for Persian. Even, if one has not opted Persian at FC level, this course will provide the adequate skills in the functional Language course in Persian, its relationship as a source language to make an enquiry into the socio-cultural History of Indian subcontinent as well as the Persian speaking countries. writing and spoken Persian have been made a part of this compact course to enable the student to acquire a certain limit of required functional Persian language and cultural studies working knowledge as a part of the professional qualification.

Student’s presentation and the follow up in the tutorials will be the important tools for preparing the students as young professionals too.

The two type of listing of the books is aimed to encourage the student for self-study. The prescribed books are the textbooks which can be used for class teaching while the books for further reading are the reference books a student is expected to study those for broaden his information in respect of this culturally and academically rich language of past and present.

(Class Teaching) 3 periods/week =12×2=24 periods

(Students Presentation) =12×1=12

(Tutorials) =12×1=12

Semester –II :
Introduction: This unit introduces the brief history of Persian language from Ancient times till
modern Persian. This part of the growth of Persian language is useful for many reasons. It ushers the student into Ancient Iranian culture which was also a parallel culture of Ancient India. In this growth, a student also gets the first hand knowledge of the basic knowledge of Persian language too.

Course Content

Paper -1: Introduction to Persian Language – Text & Functional Grammar 75 Marks

Prescribed Books:

1. Elementary Persian Grammar , Dr. Rajinder Kumar; Harjit Publication, Delhi – 2009 pp 93-150
2. Tarikh-e-Zaban-e-Farsi (History of Persian Language): Dr. Mehri Baqri, Tehran, 1373
DU Foundation Course Syllabus - Applied Language Course - Persian

Suggestive reading for further reading:

1. Persian for Foreigners (An Elementary Course)، Dr. Taqi Purnamdarian, Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies, Tehran, 2007

2. History of Iranian Literature, Jan Rypka, ed. by Karl Jahn, D. Reid Publishing Co.Holland, 1968.

3. History of Persian Language, Parvez Natil Khanlari, Eng. Transl. Ansari, N.H, Idarah-e- Adabiyat-e-Dilli, Qasim Jan street, Delhi-6, 1979 Vol.I

4. Tarikh-e-Zaban-e-Farsi, Dr. Mohsin Abul Qasemi, Institute for Humanities and Resources of University, Tehran, 1373

5. A Grammar of the Persian Language, D. Forbs, Cosmo Publications, Ansari Road, New Delhi-2, 1985

*In the Applied courses only Paper Ist is the language course and remaining have components from Persian literature.

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