Undergraduate Physics Laboratory

The department of Physics has one undergraduate laboratory under the course PH110 usually offered in the even semester. There are experimental set-ups available in the laboratory from the following teaching areas; General Physics, Sound, Light, Electricity & Magnetism. Usually every student performs 10 sets of experiments in one semester.

Materials Research Laboratory
It has the following equipments; Scanning Probe Microscope, Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope with EDAX, X-ray Diffractometer, Ellipsometer, Vector Network Analyser, Impedance Analyser, Lock-in Amplifiers, LCR Meter, Source-Measure Units, Pico-Ammeter, Nanovoltmeter, High Precision DMM, Electrometer, Programmable Constant Current Source, Thermal Coating Unit, Closed Cycle He-Refrigerator, High Precision Microbalance, High Energy Planetary Ball Mill, High Temperature Furnaces, and Spin Coating Unit.

Optics Research Laboratory
It has the following equipments; Vibration Isolation Table, Lasers, Spatial Light Modulators, Charge-Coupled Device Cameras, Opto-mechanical components, and Workstation for numerical computation.

Computer Science Laboratory

Computer Science and Engineering Laboratory-I
The Department of Computer Science & Engineering has set up an advanced computational laboratory for its undergraduate and research students. This modern laboratory is equipped with sixty-six desktops running latest version of Windows and Linux operating systems. All these desktops are of Make: DELL. A Local Area Network connects all the desktops to the central network of IIT Patna. This lab also has a unit setup of seven Blade Servers with chassis, SAN Storage, Robotic Tape Library and a central KVM display unit. This entire unit is of Make: IBM. Latest version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux is installed on these blade servers. These servers are used for advanced computational simulations and coursework for Computer Science and Electrical Engineering departments. Students of 2nd and 3rd Year (B.Tech) from the CSE department carry out their lab course work and assignments in this laboratory. This lab operates from 9 AM till 6 PM on all working days.

Computer Science Laboratory-II -Hardware Laboratory
The Department of Computer Science & Engineering has set up a hardware laboratory for its undergraduate students. This laboratory is primarily used for hardware logic design and microprocessor, microcontroller interfacing design experiments. The laboratory has been setup with the following equipments for hardware experiments: Logic design trainer kits, 8086 Microprocessor board, 8051 Microcontroller, Interfacing devices, FPGA boards, Mixed Signal Oscilloscope (MSO).

Mathematics Laboratories

Computational Reasearch Laboratory
The department of Mathematics has a computational research lab to encourage research in areas which require high computing facilities

Chemistry Laboratories
Research in the Chemistry Department is conducted in separate laboratories viz. Chemistry Instrument Lab, Chemistry Wet Research Lab, Materials Research Lab, Bioscience Laboratory and GC-MS Laboratory. All these labs are equipped with state of the art equipment for high quality research. There is a separate Lab for B-Tech Chemistry laboratory for freshmen B-Tech students.
B-Tech Chemistry Laboratory
This Lab is equipped with all necessary equipment required for 1st year B-Tech students. New equipments and relevant interesting experiments are being added every year
Chemistry Instrument Laboratory
Research in Chemistry Instrument Laboratory focuses on various aspects of Chemistry with particular emphasis on High Resolution Spectroscopy, Bio-Spectroscopy and Fluorescence Spectroscopy.


  • UV & Visible Spectrophotometer from Shimadzu
  • FTIR from Shimadzu
  • Spectrofluorometer from Horiba Jobin Yuon
  • Digital Polarimeter from Jasco
  • Particle size and zeta potential analyzer from Beckman Coulter
  • Viscometer from Brookfield
  • Microwave synthesizer from Anritsu

FTIR from Shimadzu: Organic and Inorganic compounds are synthesized and characterized for different functional groups

Particle size and zeta potential analyzer from Beckman Coulter: This equipment uses photon correlation spectroscopy (PCS) and capable of measurement of particlesizes in the range of few angstroms up to microns in addition to measurement of zeta potential and size distribution.
Digital Polarimeter from Jasco: This automatic digital polarimeter is used to measure the angle of rotation caused by passing polarized light through optically active compounds.
Spectrofluorometer from Horiba Jobin Yuon: Provide information regarding concentration and chemical environment in a sample and equipped with a range of selectable excitation wavelengths and temperature controller.
UV & Visible Spectrophotometer from Shimadzu: Equipped with double blazed grating, double monochromator design, this instrument provides a high energy throughput optical system with ultra low stray light for precise measurement of Absorbance.
Viscometer from Brookfield: continuous sensing Digital Viscometer measures viscosity and temperature and with PC interface for direct export of data.

Chemistry Wet Research Laboratory
This Laboratory is dedicated for organic and Inorganic synthesis. Research in this Lab focuses on Multi component Reactions, Domino Reactions, construction of Metal Organic Frameworks, Supramolecular Chemistry, catalysis and Quantum dot synthesis etc.

  • Glove box from Jacomex
  • Rotary evaporator from Buchi
  • Microwave reactor from Metrohm
  • Millipore water purification system
  • Hot air Oven from Sonara
  • Multiple Fume Hoods equipped with Magnetic stirrers, hot plates and amenities required for organic and inorganic reaction set up.

Glove Box from Jacomex: To maintain inert atmosphere and to do reactions under specific gaseous conditions and also for storage of hazardous moisture sensitive chemicals.

Microwave Reactor from Metrohm: Microwave irradiation produced from the reactor gives efficient internal heating thereby accelerating many reactions; also unique products are formed under certain reaction conditions.
Fume Hoods equipped with all amenities required for Organic and Inorganic reaction set up.

Bioscience Laboratory
This Laboratory has equipments required for basic research in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Research in this Lab is centered on DNA Damage and repair study and construction of Nanostructures from DNA self Assembly process.
UV-Vis spectrophotometer with Peltier Element from Cecil, UK: Specially pre-programmed for Biochemistry and molecular Biology and used for Quantitative Analysis, Reaction Kinetics, Protein Analysis, DNA Thermal Melt and other applications.

Transilluminator from Pacific Images, Taiwan: Dual wavelength UV transilluminator for visualization of DNA in gels stained with Ethidium Bromide, Sybr Green and other dyes.
Mini Submarine Gel Electrophoresis from Hoefer, USA: Used for rapid electrophoresis of DNA (between 1-10 Kbsize) including plasmid DNA in agarose gels. These along with other electrophoresis unit are hooked to Hoefer’s high power current supply for constant voltage or current supply.

Vertical midi gel from Hoefer, USA: Vertical midi gel units are intended for electrophoretic separation of proteins and nucleic acids (under 1 Kb) under both denaturing and native conditions.

Vertical slab dual minigel from Hoefer, USA: Vertical slab dual mini gel unit is being used for rapid electrophoresis of protein or nucleic acid samples.

PCR Thermalcycler from G-Biosciences, UK: Dual slot Thermal cycler equipped with a heated lid, used for Polymerase Chain Reaction to amplify DNA.

Minicentrifuge from Dynamica, Australia and Vortex mixer from Jeiotech, Korea: Centrifuge used for wide range of applications in routine Biochemistry works including quick spin down while variable speed, intermittent and continuous mode vortex mixer being used for gentle mixing as well as vigorous agitation for DNA, protein and other biomaterial mixing.

Vertical Laminar air flow from ESCO, Singapore: Vertical Laminar Flow with ULPA filter is used in the Lab for cell culture procedures. Some sensitive reactions with DNA/proteins are also being carried out here.

Gel documentation System from UVP, UK: Equipped with CCD camera and Gel Capture software, this instrument is routinely used to get pictures and quantitative analysis of DNA and protein gels.

Double distillation water plant from Borosil: This double distilled water is used for all routine experiments in biochemistry.

CO2 incubators from ESCO, Singapore: For mammalian cell culture, tissue engineering. Can be fitted with orbital shaker for bacterial culture also.

Circulating Chiller from Jeiotech, Korea: Circulating chiller is hooked up with UV visible spectrophotometer for cooling the Peltier Element in the system while working with biological samples.

Vertical Automatic Autoclave from Tuttnauer, Israel: Used for sterilization of instruments, glasswares, liquids, culture media and other materials in the Bioscience Lab.

Vertical -30 0C freezer from Jeiotech, Korea: This Freezer has range of diverse applications and primarily being used in the lab to store Biomaterials like DNA, proteins, some enzymes, specific chemicals and other Biosamples.

Materials Research Laboratory
This Lab has state of the art research equipments for research in Polymer Chemistry and Material Science. Research in this Lab includes development of specialized Elastomers, Nanocomposites, Polymer Blends and other smart materials.

  • SDT (simultaneous DTA-TGA) from TA
  • Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA) from TA
  • FTIR with spotlight 200 microscope from Perkin Elmer
  • Atomic Force Microscope
  • Contact Angle Goniometer from Rame-hart

Atomic Force Microscope: High-resolution scanning probe microscopy, with resolution on the order of a nanometer, this equipment being simultaneously used by Chemists, Material Scientists and Physicists.

FTIR with spotlight-200 microscope from Perkin Elmer: Fitted with powerful microscope, this instrument can determine functional groups present in a particular section of polymers and other surfaces.
Contact Angle Goniometer from Rame-hart: This equipment finds use in precise determination of contact angle, surface energy and surface tension.

Simultaneous DTA -TGA instrument (SDT) in the materials Research Lab. Being used extensively by Polymer Chemists. Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA).

GC MS Laboratory
This Laboratory is dedicated to Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) equipment from Thermo Scientific. This facility is being extensively used by research scholars involved in organic and inorganic synthesis for characterization of their compounds.
Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry facility in the Chemistry Department being used for characterization of compounds

Other Laboratories

Language Laboratory
IIT Patna has recently developed the Language Laboratory with a capacity of thirty five students. It will be a great asset for effective and machine aided language instruction. The laboratory is well equiped with audio visual presentations and has acquired language learning software

Humanities and Social Science Research Laboratory
The Department of Humanities and Social Science has a Social Science Research Laboratory. It has working space for research assistants and is equipped with various tools including computer software for data analysis. It has storage space for equipments and research data.

Knowledge Center on Women and Children
With support from UNICEF office of Bihar, the Department of Humanities and Social Science is developing Knowledge Center on Women and Children. It has reference materials for all the related topics

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