The Central Library functions as the primary information resource centre, and repository of all printed and e-resources for teaching and research activities at the institute. Apart from textbooks and recommended reading material prescribed for each course offered at the institute, the library houses a growing collection of research monographs, reports, multi-volume reference works, dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks, and so on. The library facilitates access to a number of journals through its participation in consortia, such as INDEST, UGC-INFLIBNET. The library also subscribes to several e-journals directly from publishers as well as through reputed subscription agencies. At present, users can consult more than 9000 books (available on shelves) and thousands of electronic books and journals. Online access is also provided to citation and scientometric databases such as Scopus and MathSciNet. The library operations are automated using LibSys software. The Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) enables library users know their checkout status, issue history. Users can place online reservations, browse for new additions of books; journals subscribed. A separate e-resources section is provided in the library to browse CDs and DVDs of books; thesis and dissertations. Developing of institutional Digital Repository (IDR) using DSpace is under way. This step will greatly enhance the library efficiency in making the resources available to the academic community at large and also enable the institute participate in various inter-library initiatives at national and international levels.The library is spacious (about 4500 sqft), well lit, and well-ventilated. Its location allows for easy access and offers a seating capacity for 120 users.


The institute has allocated a separate building, which adjoins the hostel complex, for its medical facility. A doctor and a nurse have been appointed to attend to medical emergencies of the campus residents. In addition the institute relies on a few super-specialty hospitals in the city of Ropar for providing medical care to its members.


The Institute campus houses four hostels: Jupiter, Mercury and Neptune Hostels for boys and Venus Hostel for girls. The hostels are well equipped for comfortable lodging and boarding of approximately 380 students. All hostels are provided with water coolers and RO systems. Each hostel has a common room that provides facilities for indoor recreation and games. The hostel complex also includes four shops that cater to the basic needs of the residents, and also a few washing machine facility.

The day-to-day management of hostels is taken care of by a committee consisting of student representatives. Each hostel has a warden, who guides the students to manage the affairs of the hostels.

Guest House

In order to provide accommodation to the guests from other IIT’s, Educational Institutions, Student Guardians etc visiting IIT Ropar for official work/ project work or for attending conference/seminar/workshop/JEE/GATE meeting etc. and at times for guests of IIT staff / parents of students, the institute runs a Guesthouse which has 5 air conditioned rooms. The Guesthouse rooms are situated in two buildings. The main building where reception is located has two rooms and also runs a mess for the guests as well as for the faculty of the institute. The other building has 3 rooms out of which one room that is situated on ground floor is similar to that of the main building. Each room is furnished with two beds, one LCD TV, AC and other basic furniture. Rooms in the main building are equipped with a computer with internet connection.

Day Care Facility @ IIT Ropar

In order for our children to be happier, safer and better cared for, the crèche Committee has established the following guidelines:

  • All families wishing to utilize the day care facility must have a completed application on file for each child and be registered before they can be dropped off.
  • Parents using the day care facility must agree to be volunteers or supporters of the day care on a regular basis. Their level of support will depend upon their level of usage.
  • Parents are required to sign on attendance register when dropping off and picking up their children.
  • Children will only be released to a properly identified and preauthorized adult.
  • Introduce yourself to crèche workers and hand your baby and necessary comforts to the crèche staff at the door.
  • It is the responsibilities of the parents to notify of any allergies, special instructions or medical needs for their children.
  • Parents are to provide formula, food or beverage.

Essentials bags (For age group below 3yrs.)

Essentials bags (diapers, clothing, etc.) need to be clearly labeled with the name of the child. If you have any special items that your child may need, please point them out to the crèche staff. Your essentials bag may need to contain the following items:

  •       All items required for a change (diaper, creams, baby powder, wipes, etc.)
  •       Extra diaper(s)
  •       Bottle or cup as needed
  •       Pacifier or other item your child may find comforting
  •       Change of clothes.

Illness Policy

Please help to keep crèche a safe place for everyone by holding your child back if any of the following symptoms are present:

  • Runny nose
  • Colored discharge from eyes
  • Coughing/sneezing
  • Chest Congestion/labored breathing
  • Diarrhea/vomiting within the past 24 hours
  • Fever
  • Excessive crying
  • Contagious disease (i.e. Chicken Pox/Pink Eye)

Institute bus facility

IIT Ropar has purchased a bus which runs between Mohali/Chandigarh to IIT Ropar. This bus is used by faculty members and staff for their daily commute who live off-campus. This is a paid service. It is also used to take students to industrial visits. Recently, institute bus services have been increased by a considerable amount. Now, two to three shifts of vehicles ply between Mohali/Chandigarh and IIT Ropar on a daily basis. This is primarily to give flexibility to faculty members who usually want to work beyond normal office timings. The institute also offers similar services in the weekends as well. We are also planning to offer more such facilities thereby catering to the professional growth of faculty members, staff as well as the students.

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