Nikhil Sandhir

Name: Nikhil Sandhir
Course: BE in Electrical Engineering
College: DCE
Year: 2010
Company: The smart cube
Package offered:  5.5 LPA
Preparations: I devoted 5 days in preparation for the placement session.
Books Reffered:

Well initially I started off with core preparation but could not study for long.

I did not refer to any specific book for this company.

Websites Reffered:

 I referred the company’s own website. This was to study in details about it.

GD, PI Preparations:

No, I never did anything specific for group discussion or personal interview. Thanks to CL (Career Launcher) though I had a little experience with GD. For PI I had no practice whatsoever. It’s mainly a matter of content and some presentation skills.

Eligibility criteria and students appeared: The eligibility criteria set was 60%. Around 250 – 300 students appeared for the written round.
The Written round:

The paper did not have technical problems. Instead it had more of aptitude and personality dev types. Well no technical questions were asked as such but  some basic questions regarding motor efficiencies  were asked but only because the question eventually led to some questions on market types and products suited to certain type of markets etc.

Lots of guesstimates were asked with not just one but multiple ways to reach the final answer.

eg: Estimate the number of water bottles sold in Delhi each day

Estimate the no. of escalators in Delhi

or  Estimate the surface area of an elephant 🙂

The Group Discussion:

There were 8 students to each GD round. My topic was:  “Corruption stems from democracy in India.” We were given one minute to prepare!

The Interview:

This consisted mainly of HR questions. I had 2 interviews both were very similar and both started with the standard

‘Tell me about yourself

Apart from a lot of guess estimates questions involving a myriad of topics were asked ranging from general awareness to intern related and even finance related.

Role of Internships and extracurricular activities:

Well I believe my internship helped me, because I had learnt a little about markets to which Siemens catered to so I could talk about it and discuss other such questions but that’s about it. This also helped because I brought it up myself when asked about my internships though it helped conveniently cover weaker areas in my intern.

Regarding extra curricular activities, not much though if you have either substantial thing to talk about in the interview but 1-2 strong topics are needed for discussion so if nothing else then extra curriculars may help in non tech companies.

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