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Aayam is the annual techno-management event and innovaiton fest held in the NIT Agartala.The objective of Aayam is to provide a platform for the best minds in the country to showcase their talent and ingenuity.It aims at providing a platform for students from different disciplines to come together and share their enthusiasm and love for science, technology, managaement and the humanities.


NIT Agartala Fest Logo

Moksha is the cultural festival of NIT Agartala.It’s the most reputed Cultural fest in North-East region.Moksha is a three day extravaganza encompassing events in various categories.It pits some of the most talented people from colleges across North-East in an exciting bid to reach the top.


  • Sports Week
  • Blend Pro
  • IEEE Student Chapter
  • ISTE Student Chapter
  • The Institute Of Engineer[India] Student Chapter


  • College Magazine
  • GNU Linux Users Group
  • Robotics Club
  • Art Club
  • Photography Club:

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