With the upgrading of Dr B R Ambedkar Regional Engineering College Jalandhar into Dr B R Ambedkaer National Institute of Technology Jalandhar (deemed university), the academic programmes are reorganized on a credit-based semester system. The system envisages a process of continuous evaluation of student’s performance, flexibility to allow student to progress at an optimum pace based on individual ability and convenience subject to constraint for continuation. Further, there is a total transparency in the evaluation processes. Accordingly answer books are shown to the students, moderated grades are displayed before finalizing them.

The course structure and syllabi are being remodeled, re-casted, moderated and suitability upgraded with a provision of constructive suggestions for their improvement. Ordinances and Regulations governing the academics matter are being framed and put up to the Senate and Board of Governors of the institute for approval. All these developments in academics system have been possible because of initiative taken and direction provided by Professor Moin Uddin, Director, Dr B R Ambedkar NIT Jalandhar. It is hoped that the academic system involved will be of immense help to students and faculty in smoothly implementing the academic programmes and achieving academic excellence.

Academic System

The academic system at NIT, Jalandhar is framed on a credit based semester examination system. The credit system envisages a continuous evaluation of student’s performance, and provides flexibility for academic progress based on individual ability and convenience, subject to the constraint of the minimum requirements for continuation of the academic programme.

The students are awarded a letter grade from the prescribed grading system in each course registered by them. For each pass grade, the students accumulate the course credits as earned credits. The academic performance of the students is indicated in terms of the number of credits that he/she earns and the weighted grade point average. A specified minimum number of credits should be acquired on semester or session basis in order to qualify for continuation in the academic programme and for the award of degree.


Each lecture/tutorial of one hour duration per week in a semester is assigned one credit. Each laboratory hour per week in a semester is assigned half credit. However, some courses are preparatory in nature and have half the credit weightage of a normal course. The courses without credit are termed as noncredit (NC) courses.


TIn a grading system, the evaluation in terms of marks is replaced by the award of letter grades. The structure and guidelines for the award of grades is given below:

Structure of Grading System

grading system
*Subject to confirmation based on standard deviation, if the sample size is greater than 20, and is flexible to the recommendation of the individual course coordinator with proper justification.

The grades will be awarded to a student in each registered course including a laboratory course, based on his/her performance evaluated through a prescribed scheme of evaluation. The credits for the courses in which a student has obtained “E” (minimum passing grade for a course) or a higher grade will be considered as credits earned by him/her. In addition, the course in which a B Tech student to gets NP grade, will also count towards his/her earned credits but to the maximum extent of 8 credits.

Grade Point Averages

The performance of a student will be evaluated in terms of two indices, viz., the Semester Grade Point Average (SGPA) which is the Grade Point Average for a semester and Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) which is the Grade Point Average for all the completed semesters at any point of time. The SGPA is calculated on the basis of grades obtained in all courses, except audit courses, registered for in the semester:


Attendance Requirement

  • All students must attend every lecture, tutorial and practical class. The Institute desires 100% attendance with a provision for consideration for absence on account of late registration, sickness or other such contingencies. The attendance requirement of 75% of the scheduled classes in course is needed for appearing in the examination.
  • A student with less than 75% attendance in a course during a semester will be awarded ‘W’ grade in that course irrespective of his/her performance in the tests. The Course Coordinator, while awarding the grades, will take into account the consolidated attendance record for the whole semester.
  • In order to maintain the attendance record of a particular course, a roll call will be taken in every scheduled lecture, tutorial and practical class.
  • For the purpose of attendance, every scheduled practical class will count as one unit irrespective of the number of contact hours.
  • The Course Coordinator will consolidate the attendance record for the course from the beginning of the semester till the end of the semester. The teacher offering the course shall notify the students having less than 75% attendance with an intimation of the same to the concerned Head of the Department and Dean Academic Programmes / Deputy Registrar(Academics).
  • Every faculty offering a course will take attendance till three calendar days before the last instruction day in the semester. The percentage of attendance, calculated up to this instruction day, will be indicated in a code number/letter as follows:


A student who has attendance code letter L will not be allowed to sit for end semester examination in the course in which the shortfall exists.

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