Central Library

Central Library,Dr.B.R.Ambedkar National Institute of Technology was established in 1988 (the same year this institute was established).Since then this center of learning has been functioning with the aim of encouraging self learning and to supplement academics, boost research and development activities and to promote consultancy activities. At present central library is housed in a multistoried building situated in the midst of all departments and hostels and is easily accessible to all.
Library is housed in a three storied building situated in the midst of all departments and hostels and is easily accessible to all/everyone in the campus. The total carpet area of Library is 1540 sq.feet. All students, faculty members and staff of the institute are entitled to make use of the library facilities. Industrial establishments/corporate houses can also avail of the library services on taking institutional/ corporate membership of the library. Library consultation facilities are also available to faculty and students of outside institutes/organization on request.

Library Resources :

The Library has 1,03,456 volumes comprising books, standards, theses, CD-ROM, bound volumes of journals and videocassettes pertaining to various disciplines of Science, Engineering and Technology.
Video Library : The Institute Library is equipped with video viewing facility also. Audio- visual section is equipped with 29″ T.V & VCP and Multimedia Projector. It has a collection of about 1850 videocassettes, and CDs.
Print Journals and Access to Electronic Journals :
The Institute Library subscribes to about 106 current journals and magazines in print form and almost all dailies. In addition to the above, with the help of special financial aid from MHRD, Library provides online access to the various electronic resources being published by almost all the major publishers of the world.


Apart from regular lending of books to members, providing reading room facility, and reference service, central library provides the following services:-

Internet Facility/ access to online learning resources:-

The library members are allowed to use this facility. At present this facility is available for a limited number of users due to shortage of space in the present library building ,however as soon as the new library building,(which is expected to be complete very shortly ) is taken over this facility shall be extended 15 users simultaneously.

Media resource center/Audio-Visual section:-

Central library has a good collection of video cassettes and CDs. Video shows are organized from time to time. Media resource center is equipped with the equipments as detailed below:-
-Television with 29 ” screen and Video cassette player (VCP)
-Pentium IV based system with Multimedia Projector
Document Delivery service:-

Under this service faculty and scholars of the Institute are entitled to get reprints/photocopies of research papers from the Institute library. Under this facility information is procured from all over India through NISCAIR (National Institute for Science Communication and Industrial Research) NIT is maintaining a permanent account with NISCAIR to ensure uninterrupted supply of required information to the faculty. This service is being provided free of cost to the faculty.
Reservation of publications:-

All registered library members are entitled to avail reservation facility, however only one title is reserved at a time and the concerned reader is informed immediately on receipt of the reserved title in the library.

Reprographic Facility:-

Full time reprographic facility is available inside the library. Users can avail this facility for nominal charges.

Untraceable publication register:-

Untraceable publication register is kept on each floor for users to note down the bibliographic details of the publications not found on shelves. Members are intimated about the status of their request on phone or personally.

Working Hours :

working hours


The hostels provides the students with an atmosphere much like a home away from home.It provides them with all the necessary facilities which helps them to acclimatize well with this new ambience. Every hostel has its own mess which is managed and run by the students themselves. Keeping in mind the different tastes of the students, the mess caters them with healthly and tasty food.
In all National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar has six boys hostels and two girls hostels to accomodate the assests of the institute in the most comfortable and conducive manner.


At present the hostels have a capacity to accommodate 1252 boys and 252 girl students. The residential accommodation in hostels comprises of cubicles and dormitories (3 seater). The accommodation available in the various hostels is as below:

hostel accomodation


  • The accommodation is as follows:
    Hostel 1 & 2: Three Seater Rooms
    Hostel 3, 4 & 5: Single Seater Rooms
    Girls Hostel: Single and Three Seater Rooms
  • The student must be personally present at the time of allotment of rooms. Rooms to be allotted will be specified immediately before an allotment is made.
  • The student can choose their roommates and make request for allotment accordingly.
  • bThe Boarder shall not be entitled to retain accommodation in the Hostel beyond his/her normal period of study.
  • No boarder is allowed to change his/her room without the permission of the Warden.
  • The boarder shall have to vacate accommodation as and when asked for.

Furniture and Equipment

Every boarder is provided with a chair, a table and a cot. He will be responsible for these items and other electrical fittings etc. Furniture and electrical fittings are not to be removed from one room to another. Every boarder is to see that no damage is done to the hostel property. Fitting & repair charges for any damage (intentional or negligence) are to be borne by the boarder concerned.

Proposed Distribution of students in different hostels (2010-2011):

hostel accomodation

Withdrawal and Removal from the Institute Hostel

  • After the general allotment, application for withdrawal from the hostel should be counter signed by the father/guardian and submitted to the Hostel Warden. Such an application should be presented after hostel dues have been cleared.
  • Even if the boarder has actually vacated his/her room, he/she will have to pay all the hostel dues and fines standing against his/her name upto the day he/she continues to be one rolls, until his/her name is formally withdrawn.
  • A boarder may be expelled from the hostel by the Director, if the boarder is in the habit of staying away without the permission and hostel fee and mess dues are in arrears for more than a month.
  • Students who do not clear their dues such as dues of the hostel mess, canteen, fine etc. by the prescribed date will not be registered for the subsequent semester until and unless, they clear all their dues and get” No dues certificate” from the Dy. Registrar (A/Cs) and the concerned Hostel Warden. In case of those students who are to leave the Institute after completing the degree requirements or otherwise, their result as well as the Provisional Certificate/degree will be with held till NO DUE certificate is produced.
  • No boarder shall leave the hostel without personally handing over the charge of the room. Loss, if any, will be recovered from him/her.

Computer Centre

The Dr B R Ambedkar National Institute of Technology visualizes centralized computing facility, campus wide networking and information technology as a means to enrich the educational experience and invigorate emerging areas of scholarly research and education. Telecommunication and IT is a mixture of tools that can improve the nature and efficiency of country and institute as well.
The Campus wide fiber optic network commissioned during 1998 completed more than twelve years of trouble free operation providing a high-speed backbone to the campus. A 50 Mbps Leased Line from Reliance Communications caters for the Internet facility of the institute .
For the Computational Services Centre has High End Computational Servers on which accounts are given to students, staff and faculty of the Departments and Centre’s in the campus. The Campus Network connects to Departments, and Centre. Network Connectivity is also provided to the remote locations, which include both boys and girls Hostels. Computer Centre manages and administers the Internet links and the internet services such as electronic mail, World Wide Web, DNS, FTP and other services. Centre manages the Proxy servers and mail relay servers for the above services. The campus wide Networking consisting of Academic Zone, Hostel Zone and Residential Zone is with fiber optics (single mode) as backbone. Managed Layer 3/4 Switches are installed. The commissioning of this CWN has been done for 2000 nodes.
Center provides various advanced and special purpose software such as Oracle 10g , MATLAB, NMS etc for all the campus users. Centre also provides computer and network facilities to various festivals, events and seminars held at Institute lecture theatre and at department and centers.
Working Hours (Monday to Friday): 08.30 AM to 05.30 PM


The institute has two banks situated in the campus, State Bank of Patiala and Canara Bank. Both the banks are regular branches in the campus and are housed in same building.

State Bank of Patiala : Institute employees have their salaries credited to the State Bank of Patiala. The Bank is located near the shopping center close to the NITJ Guest House. State Bank of Patiala has one ATM located in the bank premises.
Canara Bank : The Canara Bank is located near the shopping center close to the residential area. One ATM is located in the bank premises.
Further, the ATMs by State Bank of Patiala and Canara Bank remain functional round the clock.

Bus Transport

The Institute provides Bus transport to facilitate commuting from the campus to the city. There are two regular buses. These Buses ply to and fro, every morning and evening.


The campus has a couple of food joints, frequented more perhaps by hostelites looking for a change from hostel grub than the occasional visitor. The Campus Canteen is open from 8.30 A.M. to 8.00 P.M. on all week days. A wide variety of South Indian and North Indian dishes are available.
A Food Point located near Biotech Department is open from 9.00 A.M. to 10.00 P.M. A variety of Indian dishes are available here.

The dispensary is the heart beat of the institute which provide Treatment for different diseases and also provide first aid to the injured ,and also arranges different awareness camp Like cardiac camp , BMD camp etc . Different updates are been circulated for prevention from the seasonal disease.
All the National Programmes such as Pulse polio , and Immunization programmes are organized with the help of Local health Authorities.
Two regular medical officers Dr Tarun Sehgal{M.B.B.S, F.I.C.A(USA) } & Dr Renu verma(M.B.B.S ,PGDMCH, PGDHMA) keeps the dispensary functional round the clock with the help of one lab technician and one dresser on regular basis and six paramedic staff on contract basis.
Dispensary is also equipped with the Pathological lab to carry out different investigations. In case of medical emergency, the ambulance van is available 24 hours for taking patient(s) to other hospitals for the required treatment.

Central Seminar Hall

The Central Seminar hall is the venue for all the important events at NIT Jalandhar. The year 2006 can be earmarked as the year in which this building established its presence and value for the Institute by holding Convocation ceremony for the 2001-05 batch. It was inaugarated by the Chief Guest of the ceremony Lord Swaraj Paul. Since then it has hosted many Mega scale events like UTKANSH, Tech Fests, International Conference, etc. And this is just the beginning!

Guest House

The Institute has one guest house within the campus. The guest house is located near the Shopping Centre . The Guest House has altogether 12 A/c Suites with a TV, Internet Facility and a Blower in each room.
Housed in an imposing double storeyed building and located at a central place, the guest house provides boarding and lodging facilities for the Institute guests and Visitors. The Guest House has a homely atmosphere and ambiance traditionally acclaimed for its environs of hygiene and food of homely relish and richness.

Gymnasium Hall

Being a technical institute, it is expected of NIT Jalandhar to deliver the expected results and maintain its reputed standards in academics.But,we also constantly strive for excellence in sports. Gymanasium is the facility for indoor sports such as badminton,table tennis etc

Open Air Theatre

The Central Seminar hall is the venue for all the important events at NIT Jalandhar. The year 2006 can be earmarked as the year in which this building established its presence and value for the Institute by holding Convocation ceremony for the 2001-05 batch. It was inaugarated by the Chief Guest of the ceremony Lord Swaraj Paul. Since then it has hosted many Mega scale events like UTKANSH, Tech Fests, International Conference, etc. And this is just the beginning!

Post Office

The campus has a Post Office. The NITJ campus comes under a separate postal zone and it is a postal delivery office. The post office is located in the dispensary building and works on all weekdays from 9.00 A.M. to 5.00 P.M. and from 9.00 A.M. to 2.00 P.M. on Saturdays.


The Students’ Activity Centre is the nerve centre of all the student activities on the campus. The centre comprises of a club building, gymnasium hall, open-air theatre, and hobbies workshop, which cater to various extra-curricular activities of the students.


The campus has a shopping centre which cater to the needs of the students and residents. The Shopping Centre is located near the residential zone and supplies groceries, provisions and other essential items. There is a bookshop situated in the shopping complex of the institute, where Xerox facility is also available.

Central Workshop

The workshop has eight constituent shops viz., machine shop, foundry shop, blacksmithy shop, carpentry shop, fitting shop, welding shop, sheet metal shop and electrical wiring shop, apart from the tool room facilities available in the department of industrial engineering. The tool room has CNC lathe, EDM wire cut and EDM spark erosion machines. Tool and cutter grinder is also available.
The shops are fully equipped and provide centralized training to undergraduate B Tech students. The machine shop has conventional machine tools such as lathes, milling machines, drilling machines, shapers etc., and jobs of metal cutting such as turning, milling drilling, threading etc. are given to the students for practice. The foundry shop has facilities for sand testing, mould making and casting etc., Welding shop has arc welding, spot welding, CO2- welding, TIG welding and Submerged Arc Welding facilities. Fitting shop has tools and tackles for conventional fitting and assembling of components. Workshop has also been renovated for accommodating Electronics Laboratory equipment.


The institute lays considerable emphasis on the security of the students. The institute has given the security contract to PESCO security. It has its head quarters located in Chandigarh. This security team has 52 guards and 3 security officers. The security team works in three shifts of 8 hours each. Each student has to make entries in the security register while going out of the campus or moving between the hostels.

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