NIT Jalandhar provides an atmosphere much like a home away from home. With its aesthetically designed red brick buildings and tastefully decorated classrooms the students have a life which grooms them to be a responsible and successful person.
The institute acts as a catalyst to hone the students’ skills and talents through a support structure not only academic, but also by providing the students a plethora of co-curricular activities. Thus,the Institute provides a campus life to the students who will recall these years as the best and valuable time of their life!

Co-Curricular Activities

The co-curricular activities include:-

1. Technical Clubs :Prof. Arun Khosla, Department of ECE and Mr. Rajiv Trahen, Training and Placement Centre were appointed faculty advisors Technical Clubs, in Feb. 2004. The aim of the Technical Clubs is to arrange invited talks, encourage students to participate and present technical papers in conferences/seminars, thereby promoting academic activity. The Club has been very active and the details of the talks arranged are as under:

Mr. A V S Ravi Sastri, presented a paper titled “Numerically Integrated Elements for System Analysis of Axisymmetric Auto Mobile Tyre”, at a conference on Mechanical Engineering and Technology at IT BHU Varanasi in Feb. 2004.
Mr. Abhishek Mishra and Rituraj Deka, Department of Industrial Engineering presented a paper titled “Application of Six Sigma in Technical Institute”, at a conference on Mechanical Engineering and Technology at IT BHU Varanasi in Feb. 2004.

2. Student Counselling :
To guide students in academics, career promotion and to help them in their personal problems, the Institute has appointed some faculty members as Academic Counsellors.

Extra Co-Curricular Activities

Extra-Curricular Activities for the Odd Semester (August-December 2006) have been planned as mentioned below. It shall be notified at the appropriate time. Rules concerning different competitions shall be notified by the faculty advisor two weeks before the start of each competition. The information concerning rules can also be obtained personally from the concerned faculty advisor.

extra co-curricular activities
Executive Committees of the students for the following clubs/societies are to be formed for the Academic Year 2006-07. Students desirous of becoming office bearers/executive members are advised to appear for the personal interview at the office of the respective faculty advisor:-

  • Music and Dramatics
  • Fine Arts
  • Literary and Debating
  • Photography and other hobbies
  • Hiking ang Trekking

All the notices concerning extra-curricular activities shall be put up at the exit point near reprographic centre of the Main Block. The dates for the trip of Hiking and Trekking Society shall be announced by the faculty advisor two weeks in advance.

Departmental Societies

To promote academic and cultural activities each Department has a constituted Departmental Society. The brief introduction and the activities of the various societies are given below:- (Click below to view details)

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