Centre of Computing & Networking

Centre of Computing and Networking (CCN) is a central facility, established in 1997 which caters to the needs of academic departments and various sections of the institute. CCN is housed in a separate building. Centre has one of the best infrastructures in the region in terms of computing facilities, Internet facilities and Campus Wide Networking. Centre is well equipped with the latest machines viz. Sun Servers, Pentium machines (P-IV, core2Duo and AMD), etc. A heterogeneous Intranet Network of around 1100 nodes under different OS like Sun Solaris, Linux, Windows and Novell Netware is setup and maintained by the CCN. Centre has dedicated 2 Mbps leased line from BSNL and 8 Mbps leased line from Reliance Communication. Installation of 8Mbps leased line circuit from Reliance communications is underway. It provides Internet facilities to the users in the CCN (round the clock), all departments, Central Library, faculty rooms and offices. The same facility has also been extended to student hostels, Guest House, Sports Complex, Health center etc. Process of providing facility in the rooms of students, faculty and staff residences through optical fiber backbone and managed wireless has been initiated.


The Institute has a well-furnished Guest House with the following facilities :

Room/Dining-Hall rent/Charges.

Sr. No Category Rent Per Day Per Room
1 Members of Board/FC/B&WC/BOS, External Experts for various Selection committees, MHRD & Govt. of Haryana officers/Officials( coming in connection with duties of NITK) Officers/Officials of various Companies visiting Institute for placement of student Free
2 External Examiners/Experts/Experts invited for delivering lectures, Officers& Officials connected with  the conduct of entrance test for admission to NIT/IIT Rs.50/-
3 Guest of Faculty/staff members and parents of students 150/-
4 Visitors for non-official work but connected with the NIT System, visitors from industries & Profession for discussion visit to NITK 300/-
5 Outsiders coming to the NITK for their own purpose. 500/-
1 For Official purposes Free
2 For private functions of the employees Rs. 2000/- per occasion

1.The Check out time of rooms will be 12.00.noon

2.Stay during the day may be allowed subject to availability of rooms. One day’s room rent will be charged and no advance reservation will be made for such stays.

3.The Guest House will not be used for marriage purposes. Only guests may stay in the rooms.

4.Only Institute programmers and functions will be held in the Guest House.

5.The Dinning-Cum-Drawing Hall will not be allowed for private purposes except with special prior written approval of the Director.


Central Workshop imparts training to all the first and second semester students and the students of the third and fourth semester in the Mechanical Engineering discipline. The third year students are given projects involving work in the shops and the fourth year students undergo specialized training in the manufacturing processes. The Final Year and Post-Graduate students in the discipline utilizes the facilities of the central workshop in connection with their project and dissertation work. Facilities exist for the manufacture of components, parts and repair work.


The Institute has six boys and two girls hostels. Five boys hostels with a capacity of 250 each are for B.Tech students and one 150 seater post graduate hostel accommodates M.Tech. students and research scholars. Three of the five boys’ hostels for undergraduate students have triple seater rooms whereas the remaining two are single seaters. All the rooms in Post-graduate hostel are single seaters.

The two girls hostels have total capacity (150 + 200) to accommodate 350 girl students. These hostels have single, double and triple seated rooms.

All the rooms in the hostels have been provided with furniture and ceiling fans. Each hostel is a self contained unit with its own co-operative mess and common room. Common room facilities include newspapers, magazines, indoor games and a colour television set. In each hostel i-net centers have been opened where residents can avail internet facilities free of cost. Each student is expected to respond to the role assigned to him/her in the community life of the hostel.

Each of the boys hostel is looked after by two members of the teaching faculty who act as Wardens. The girls hostel have one a full time lady Resident Warden. The overall coordination of working is done by the Chief Warden and Deputy Chief Warden.

Each of the boys hostels have Mess Manager-cum-Accountant, Hostel Clerk, Farash, Chowkidars, Mess Supervisor and other mess staff to assist Wardens in smooth functioning of the hostel. In girls hostel, Matron, Chowkidars, Mess Supervisor and other mess staff help Resident Lady Warden in running of the hostel.

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