The institute has always shown keen interest in promoting the non academic side of every individual of the institution to bring out their pleasantly cultural but hidden talents. The institute provides a very solid platform to all students for showcasing their technical talents by organizing technical symposiums and also encourages them to give shape to their innovative ideas and thoughts. Innovative technical models are developed under the able guidance of a professor and showcased in various technical model presentations.The students of NIT Patna are involved in a wide spectrum of events other than their daily academic routine. This includes showcasing their captivating talents through cultural events, creating avenues for innovative thoughts and their application through technical symposiums, grooming themselves for the real corporate world by organizing various seminars and playing the role of responsible citizens by facilitating numerous social service works. Tech fests- Corona and Concreate have come out to be hugely successful affairs and students from all over the country comes to be a part of these national level technical symposiums every year. Melange provides the right platform to revitalize your hidden talents and sets the tone for days of exclusive fun and excitement. At the same time through Kartavya and Sankalpa, students have been rendering commendable service towards the education of underprivileged children and providing a caring touch to the neglected elders lying unattended in old age homes. Seminars on critically changing perspectives of higher education and the corporate world by renowned institutes is a regular feature.Through all these activities ranging across a vivid category of events, the students of the institute provides for themselves a rendezvous of thought, cognizance, feeling and frolic which guarantees not just their overall grooming but also enhances their sense of responsibility.


Corona(NIT Patna fest)

Its an all India level technical festival which aims at serving as a platform for all interested students to show case their skills, creativity & ingenuity. In other words , it is aimed at harbouring talent . It provides a platform for the engineering talent to exhibit applications and devices , along with attending various workshops and lectures . overall there is a tremendous scope for knowledge sharing and interaction of ideas.

Technical Society

The Technical Society of NIT PATNA plays a key role in nurturing the upcoming technocrats and entrepreneurs .The basic motive behind this council is to ensure that there is a creative atmosphere in the campus which facilitates the coming up of both innovative solutions and ideas for problems which stand as challenges in the spirit of science & technology.The various parts which come under the preview of the Society include the:

  • Books Club
  • Electronics Club
  • Photography
  • Model club

these Clubs are involved in organizing workshops and competitions throughout the year.

Cultural Society

The cultural society at NIT Patna is the flag bearer in organizing an array of events that provide the students a window to the cultural and literary world, as they pursue the road towards technical excellence. The Cultural Society works with the aim of providing the students with an opportunity to tap their creativity in various fields.Under the able guidance of Prof.Sanjay Kumar, the society provides the students a platform to harness their creative appetite. The society is the launch pad for NITians, in their exploration into the realms of various technical and cultural events across the country.The society is responsible for organizing MELANGE , which is the annual cultural festival of NIT Patna.The society is divided into six clubs:

  • The Sanhita club organizes Essay, Poetry and Story writing competitions in both Hindi and English.
  • The Abhinay club organizes Skit competition.
  • The Avlokan club organizes Quiz, Verbosity and Acumen.
  • The Kakakriti club organizes Collage, Painting, Rangoli and Big Show events.
  • The Raaga club organizes Solo, Duet and Folk singing competitions.
  • The Nrityangan club organizes Dance competitions.

Apart from these events two mega events Pratibimb (Mr. and Miss NIT competition) and Armageddon (Inter Batch Cultural Competition) are also organized by the cultural society.

Common Room Society / Indoor Society

Common Room Society is formed by the Dean Students of college to conduct all the Indoor Games held in the college throughout the year. Indoor Games includes Badminton, Carom, Chess, Table Tennis, etc. The society provides the students with all their requirements and fulfills their grievances. The main job of the society is to conduct annual intra college indoor games tournament held during the Annual Sports Meet. The President and Vice – president of the society are essentially teachers, they guide the Secretary who is responsible for the conduct of the society. Under the secretary the Joint Secretaries, Senior Members, and Junior Members works together as a team.Indoor Society

Other Activities

In a world where technocrats have often been branded money minded and self centered, the students of NIT Patna have come up with various social initiatives alongside some other institutes. Movements under the name of KARTAVAYA and SANKALPA have come up towards realizing this goal through the students.
Through Kartavaya, students have taken the moral responsibility of educating the under privileged slum children and helping them to get admission into some good schools.
In Sankalpa the emphasis is on providing medical, financial and moral support to orphans and providing free medicines at the old age home. But what they actually provide is something that is priceless and that is – affection and care.

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