The institute has 5 boys and 1 girls hostel, within the campus. The institute also manages one additional girls hostel adjacent to campus. A 60-seat girls hostel is under construction adjacent to existing girls hostel within the campus. A plan for construction of a new hostel block for boys is under process. Each hostel is self-contained with amenities such as common room and a dining hall with mess. All the hostel rooms are adequately furnished. Each hostel has a capacity to house about 100 inmate students. Administrative head of each hostel, the warden, is a senior faculty member. Additionally, one caretaker/matron for each hostel exists to manage the day-to-day affairs of the hostel. Each hostel has different students working committees, mess committee, magazine committee, games committee, cleanliness committee etc. Each committee is responsible for specific aspects of hostel affairs. Separate hostel administrative section exists in the institute to manage the hostel matters. Two hostel blocks of 100 seat each, for the boys will be available for the first semester students and will be allotted on the basis of the merit. Lists for hostel admission will be declared after receiving the hostel admission forms by the hostel administration.

Student Society
We Care-The Go Green Movement:

TheGreen Movement of NIT Raipur carried out the first phase of its campus clean up initiative on the 26th of January 2011 under the patronage of the institution’s director Dr.Mrs.S.K.Pandey and was guided by its senior faculty members and Professor in charge Dr.Samir Bajpai. The program dedicated towards making the campus premises cleaner and greener targeted all forms of non-biodegradable waste strewn around the campus in order to create awareness among the student population to the devastation and long term damage they cause to the campus premises and the world in total.The first phase of the campus clean up initiative which will be followed by a series of cleanup programs was an overwhelming success and the Green Movement of the National Institute of Technology, Raipur hopes to take its plans further and restrict the use of plastics within the institutions premises and take its awareness creation program to greater heights by going beyond the environs of NIT, Raipur.

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