This is Department of Computer Application, NIT Raipur’s first culturo-tech fest.
Be here to get yourself involved in fun and frolic or compete to show your technical skills against a host of opponents.

It marks the beginning of an era of radical technical innovation bringing out the technical expertise of students.
It provides a platform to implement the theoretical concepts and technical knowledge in practical situations.

Eclectika- a word comprising all the strings needed for the music of innovation, conception and success, a platform to foster the nursery of talents and choosing the best, a sense of unity in the individuals. The success of first Eclectika ’07 itself laid the foundation for an endless voyage for enlightenment. It was the first event which tested the skills of students in various cultural and technical contexts.We’re back again, this time with nothing less than the best you would expect from the last time. ECLECTIKA’11 “Unveil the Courageous You”. Yes. More than a fest, you would find or rather discover the ‘ real you ‘, expanding the limits you ever set for yourself.As a salute to our Youth spirit and the difference WE can make to this country, let’s celebrate the fest like a soldiers’ zeal, sportsman spirit, hunters’ determination and ofcourse, with loads of fun and involvement of youth, Eclectika’11 is really going to rock just leaving you amazed and surprised like never before!!To welcome you all, NIT Raipur has discovered its first ever mascot christened as CAPTAIN ECLAIRS.The efforts put behind by whole NITRR students team to make ECLECTIKA’11 a success will only be fruitful with the participation of yours. So, don’t you miss the happening going around, else the time will never be the same for the chance you may get!!
Green Fest

Want to be creative? Want to make use of something that everybody thinks is of no use? It’s your chance to prove the potential of waste. One bright idea is what can make a big difference. Open your mind up to the endless possibilities, use your gray matter and create the best out of the waste material found within our college. Use your creativity and be an eco buddy.
Are you somebody who appreciates aesthetic beauty? Do you cringe when you see and feel that it could have been done better? We give you the opportunity to design the change you want to see. Provide an eco friendly, beautiful and creative solution to our campus. Give it a new look and a new leash of life. You can be part of the next best thing which happens to your college.
It is every human beings duty to be responsible to himself, his or her surroundings, and society and be sensitive to the needs of his or her country and of all Mother Nature. This is what this nation requires from you and we give you the chance to showcase your ideas to develop this nation and improve the standards of living in a more sustainable manner. Let us start small from within us and from around us, Let us all be leaders, let us all embrace environmental entrepreneurship, let us set the example, let’s improve society and create a sustainable and prosperous future for us all.
Considering the current state of mess that surrounds our ecology and environment, experts have proposed quick implementation of eco-friendly steps across all dimensions of human work to prevent our planet from an ecological and environmental collapse. ‘N- VISAGE’ is a core event of the green fest. ‘N’ VISAGE aims to gather fresh ideas that can be suitably adapted to ameliorate the ailing environment and bring everything under the label ‘green’. It is your forum to exchange your ideas and solutions with an expert panel and test its feasibility.
How well do you know your environment? Are you up to date with the developments and the available technology? Test yourselves ,take up the challenge we’ve setup for you.

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