Activities At NIT Silchar
The institute recognizes the extracurricular activities as a part to students’ life and hence well-equipped facilities for games and sports are provided within the hostels premises, in other general locations and in the student activity center. Hostels are equipped with most of the indoor games facilitates. The student activity center is used as an indoor stadium. A well laid fenced playing ground is used for outdoor games and tracking events. Besides these, students, faculty and staff have facilities for playing Tennis, Basketball, and Volleyball etc. Inter-hostel cricket, football and volleyball events are regularly conducted in the institute. Inter-college cricket, football and volleyball events are also regularly conducted in the institute. Gymnasium center housing modern keep-fit and gym equipment was in operation during the period of reporting. Apart from academic activities, NITians are very enthusiastic in games and sports. Students play football, volleyball, basketball, cricket and others games. Generally at weekends or during holidays internal competitions are held. Regular events like inter-hostel tournaments in various games took place during the year under review as well.Besides this, students participated in competitions organized on the occasions of Republic Day, Independence Day, etc. Various quizzes, debates and technical competitions are held under the banner of various societies. NITS also organizes annual technical and cultural festivals respectively called the Technoesis and Incandescence where students enhance their technical as well as cultural skills.

Incandescence(Annual Cultural fest)
The annual cultural fest of NIT Silchar. It is one of the most awaited events of the college. This falls in the month of February. Students from various college from all over the country participate in this festival.The Gymkhana takes the initiative for organizing the college festival “Incandescence”(Annual Cultural fest).These events ensure that the students of the college get ample opportunities to develop the skills required to succeed in today’s competitive world. It is due to the efforts of the Gymkhana that the engineering students of today go on to become successful in the corporate world tomorrow.


TECNOESIS is the technical festival of NIT Silchar.This fest falls in the month of October. Here we see young and energetic minds showing their skills. Various events like Robotics, Paper Presentations, Quizzes & lots of exciting events take place for a span of three days.Come 2011 and meet the innovators of tomorrow. With participants from the best engineering colleges of india, this event promises constructive competition that hunts down for newer ideas by being hungry for more. Experiences what tomorrow looks like, newer technologies , innovations and inventions. Tecnoesis’ 2011 has redefined its package in every way attempting to prove itself an acme of technical and managerial education.
so, gear up this spring for one of the greatest revolutions ever witnessed in the field of engineering & technolpogy in the North-east.


The everlying ocean of thoughts for all the young hearts of NITS to pour their imagination, creativity, talent & confidence.It provides a perfect arena to showcase their Artistics, Logical, Creative, Talents and skills along with everlasting entertainment.


NIT Silchar has always striven to encourage an equitable balance between academics and extracurricular engagements among its students. The intention is to create future leaders in chosen fields and not just technically accomplished individuals.Inorder to promote this following societies have been encouraged under various depatments and technical organisations:

  • Computer Science SocietyThe students and the faculty of the Computer Science and Engineering Department are the members of the Society. The Society aims at organising various activities for the professional and intellectual development of the students. It involves a wide variety of events including seminars, paper presentations, debate, quiz and software contests.The society also organises socialisation programmes for the freshmen in the society.
  • Electronics and Communication SocietyThe Electronics and Telecommunication Department has an active Society called “Electronics Society” which has been formed with a view to promote various technical activities among the students. Both the faculty and the students are the members of the Society.
  • ElectraThe Electrical Engineering Society aims at guiding the students to undertake various activities like technical seminars and debates on various fields of electrical engineering which enables the students to keep pace with the rapidly changing technology.
  • Civil Engineering SocietyThe students and the staff of the Civil Engineering Department are the members of the Society. The Society aims at organising various activities for the professional development of the students. The most important function organised annually by the Society is “aaghaz”. It involves a wide variety of events including seminars, paper presentations, debate, quiz and software contests.
  • Mechanical Engineering SocietyThe Mechanical Engineering Society, called “MES” is an integral part of the Department which aims at bringing the best out of the students and helping them hone their skills through various activities conducted by the Society. The Society is also involved in active consultancy works for the development and utilization of resources of the North-Eastern part of India.
  • IEEE Student’s BranchIEEE NITS (National Institute of Technology, Silchar) is one of the many student organizations working under IEEE, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, headquartered in USA. We are a part of the IEEE Kolkata Section, under Asia Pacific Region (IEEE Region 10). Being one of the few IEEE branches in the north-east, we hope to fulfill our role to bring the latest innovations in technology to this vibrant corner of India.
  • Indian Society for Technical EducationThe Institute has a very active ISTE Students’ Chapter and a Teachers’ Chapter as well. The Institute is an Institutional Menber of ISTE as well. The Society is chiefly concerned with the technical and educational extra-academics. In addition to these events, the Institute also organizes rock concerts, food fests, Institute freshers and farewell.

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