The institute recognizes the extracurricular activities as a part to students’ life and hence well-equipped facilities for games and sports are provided within the hostels premises, in other general locations and in the student activity center.
Hostels are equipped with most of the indoor games facilitates. The student activity center is used as an indoor stadium. A well laid fenced playing ground is used for outdoor games and tracking events.The activity center in one hostel has been covered under the Institute networking project with an internet facility in each room. Other hostels have an internet cafe each.


Techvaganza is a national level technical festival held at the National Institute of Technology Srinagar in Srinagar, India. Techvaganza is the first Techno-management festival in the region. The festival is scheduled to be organized annually in the month of April.Events at the festival include:

  • iRobot Sniperbot
  • Win the Maze
  • Sumo Wrestler
  • Aqua Husstle
  • paper presentations(Prastuti)
  • Neostruct Maglev
  • Structurite Kautilya Bend Bizz-Quiz Yojna(B.plan)
  • Market Watch
  • Bloom Innovation(Science exhibition)
  • Mathematika(maths olympiad)
  • Cerebration(quiz)
  • Oracle online programming
  • Codec Rendezvous Mystery Hunters
  • Junkyard Wars
  • Quizzard(Quiz)
  • Metallography
  • Electropassion

Its main aim is to uplift the technical level of the region, the state and the country to provide a platform for the technical tender buds to innovate, fabricate and gain experience in the field of technology and management and also providing a platform for students to showcase their technical skills.

Techvaganza is an entirely student-organized fest organised by the college students. The organizers can be broadly categorized into three sections – the convenors, organizers and individual event managers. The events managers deal with the events that are conducted;like competitions, exhibitions, lectures, workshops. The organizers deals with issues like accounts, infrastructure, marketing, hospitality, publicity and media. The convenors are the students who planned and took the initiative for the techfest, convenors work as heads of organising teams.

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