Facilities At A Glance

The institute is located at the banks of world famous Dal-Lake, near world famous Hazratbal Shrine . We are having excellent infrastructure, having well equipped labs, a very dedicated and competent faculty in all disciplines. A central Library which is open till late night, computer services centre with all the facility which is open till late night. This center is in addition to the departmental computer centres. Separate hostels for the boys and girls with separate mess facility.All the hostels are well maintained and are equipped with all necessary facilities, favorable to environment in Kashmir. Jehlum hostel has been covered under the institute networking project, the work is going on and we expect that each room will get net facility. In addition to this other hostels are given each a cyber cafe (work in progress).Two story Medical Unit with 24 hours medical facility within campus with a full time doctor and other paramedical staff. Medical lab facilities available in the campus, such as ECG, X-Ray etc.Facilities for the indoor and outdoor games. Common Hall, activity centre for the indoor games, cultural activities and other activities such as gym etc. All facilities for the outdoor games, Playing field with Hand Ball court, Volley Ball court, Cricket, Football, Hockey, tennis courts etc.The Institute has a Maintenance Engineering Centre set up under the Indo-Italian collaboration. The centre will cater to the maintenance engineering needs of the Institute and as the region as a whole in respect of research, consultancy and academics.


NIT, Srinagar is heaven for students belonging from various parts of the country. To accomodate the students, NIT Sgr provides facility for students to live in hostels within the institute. There are six hostels in all, out of which 5 hostels are earmarked for boys and one for girls.
All the hostels are named after various famous rivers belonging to the region, namely INDUS, CHENAB, JEHULM ,TAWI and DAL Lake. Each hostel has a seperate mess.
There is a Centralized hostel office for tackling the matters of Hostels and maintaining the discipline in the hostels. Dr. Ab Liman is the Chief Warden at present and Mr.G.M.Shah is the Hostel Manager. The Hostel Manager and the remaining staff of the Hostel office help in maintaining a peaceful atmosphere in and around the hostels. Each hostel has a Warden to keep strict vigil on students. These wardens are highly qualified faculty members and chosen from different Departments.

  • Limited Hostel Accomodation available for Batch 2011

NIT Srinagar Boys Hostel

At present four boys Hostels i.e Chenab, Indus, Jhelum, Dal are in operation.

  • INDUS HOSTEL:This hostel is for first year B.Tech students. There are three floors in this hostel. There are 122 rooms with reading room, separate wardens and guard room in each floor. Each room is shared by three students. The capacity of this hostels is 366 students.
  • CHENAB HOSTEL:This hostel is for 2nd year B.Tech students. There are three floors in this hostel. There are 97 rooms with separate reading room, wardens and guard room in each floor. Each room is shared by three students. The capacity of this hostels is about 291 students.
  • JHELUM HOSTEL:This hostel is for 3rd and 4th year B.Tech students. There are three floors in this hostel with a total of 291 rooms with reading room and internet facility.This hostel is divided into six blocks namely block A, B, C, D, E and F. This hostel is single seated.
  • DAL HOSTEL:This hostel is for 3rd year B.Tech and M.Tech students. There are eight blocks and each block has three floors in this hostel. Each room is shared by two students. The capacity of this hostels is 200 students.

NIT Srinagar Girls Hostel

There is one girls hostel with separate mess.This hostel accomodates all the girls belonging to different semesters. There are three floors in this hostel.There are fifty rooms with computer room, reading room, separate wardens quarter and guard room. Each room is shared by two students. The capacity of this hostels is about 100 students.

Library & Information Resource Center

The Library has a collection of about 68,000 books of Engineering, Science, Humanities and about 6,000 bound volumes of Journals, both foreign and Indian.The library has good collection of CD’s and video-cassettes on engineering, science & technology and is on the path of this collection further.The library has a separate collection for SC/ST students having 10,000 books. Books are issued for full semester to SC/ST students.The library has an online access to ASCE,ASME,ASPT, IEL, JCCC etc. journals through INDEST Consortium and has a complete collection of ISI codes in CD Rom format. The library is connected to IGNOU Educational programmes. The students are making the best use of these educational programmes.No doubt,Central library has been life-line for the academic activity of the institute.Recently, Central library has been extend beyond the physical walls of a building , by including material accessible by electronic means & by developing an modernized e-resource library with a variety of digital tools.The library tries its best to cope with the demands of the users by way of adopting new to newer technological advancement in field of library and information management,i.e. moving over to computerised networking infrastructure from manual one.In addition,library provides various conventional services also.

  • Books: 20 lacs
  • Journals: 20 lacs
  • Binding: 0.5 lacs
  • Technical Films: 1.00 lacs
  • Book Bank:2.00 lacs
  • Reprographic Services: 0.6 lacs
  • Computer Consumables: 0.2 lacs
  • Library Services supply: 0.3 lacs
  • E-Resources: 50 lacs


  • Books: 68000+10000(SC/ST)
  • Perodicals: 6665
  • Pamphlets: 10051
  • Technical Films/Video Cassettes: 506
  • CD’s:6


  • IEL Online.
  • Springer Link.
  • Elsevier’s Science direct.
  • ASCE Journals Online.
  • ASME Journals Online.
  • JCCC.
  • ProQuest Science.


  • J-Gate Custom Content for Consortia.

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