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Five years back, in the portals of this very institution, the staff and students put their heads together to come up with a vent for their creative outbursts. Pragyan’05 took shape in its maiden year as a technical festival attracting innovation from across the state. The college took the promise of handing the torch down every year with a commitment to the highest levels of quality in the event.

Pragyan launched itself to the international arena with participating teams from over 60 countries taking part in the online programming contests. With a host of 25 events spanning across 11 genres, Pragyan ’07 presented an opportunity to innovate. Innovate with creativity. Innovate for the betterment of life. Innovate for the country’s progress and development. And while innovation is not separate from technology, thus lays the need to know technology, use technology and celebrate technology. Pragyan ’07 gave the call to celebrate technology, to celebrate talent, to celebrate innovation. There were almost 700 volunteers working in tandem to make this event a grand success.

The participation from other college students has increased drastically and was close to 350 on campus students. Also there were online events like byte code and technical quiz and dalal street that went online to evoke interest in people from all over the world. This year’s winners were from China and European countries.

The events which Pragyan ’07 offered included RoboVigyan, general events, management events, presentation events, events pertaining to the areas of electrical, mechanical and material sciences, software events, modeling events and working model events. In addition to the highly successful events of Pragyan ’06, a horde of new and innovative events had been added to the Pragyan ’07 Event Bag. These include the Jagriti – An event concerning social and common place problems and their solutions, ElectriCar – A car modeling event, Sand Animation and our very own Dance Troupe’s performance in the infotainment section, Workshops like My Firm – An entrepreneurship workshop, Trans design – a designing workshop, guest lectures by eminent personalities like Padmashree Awardee Dr. A Sivathanu Pillai, Caltech Professor Dr. Guruswami Ravichandran, ex CEO of P&G and Times of India columnist Mr. Gurucharan Das, Nobel Physics Laureate Dr. Douglas D. Osheroff, Wikipedia Co-founder Jimmy Wales, Nobel Chemistry Laureate Dr. Rudolph A. Marcus, and eminent designer Dilip Chhabria.


Festember is the inter college cultural, literary and arts extravaganza of our college held usually in September. Misconstrued as a “fest in September”, the actual origins of Festember is “A fest to remember”. The fest has college students in South India swarming over to compete for the coveted Festember Rolling Trophy.

One of the major highlights of Festember has been the pro-nites which have seen celebrity bands come down and rock the campus alive with their foot tapping and soul swaying music. Also on the agenda are the various literary competitions split up between English, Hindi and Tamil along with the cultural and arts events.


NITT has always believed in the philosophy that the development of an individual is not accomplished through pedantic learning alone but should be complimented by a healthy dose of co-curricular and extra curricular activities too. The foremost example of this philosophy is ‘NITTFEST’ – an annual extravaganza of fine arts!

During NITTFEST, departments square off against each other over two days, on an even keel, to battle over quizzes, debates, music,terpischorean delights and more – small battles fought under the umbrella of a big war. A war which shall on a pleasant Sunday evening, determine the best of them all. It is during such battles that the ceiling of belonging to the department merges and grows to its zenith. a time when heros emerge in all, heartbreak for some, ecstasy for others, but glory for the college and a treat for all.

It is thus evident that NITTFEST is more than just a fest – it is in effect, a tribute to the creative genius inherent in every Nittian. In keeping with its tradition, the high standards of NITTFEST assure the sponsor a high degree of exposure, one that spans a community of over 3000.

Sports Day

A culmination of a yearlong sports activities is reached with the Sports day with finals of remaining events followed by the prize distribution of all events. The NSO grounds come alive as the students cheer their friends who hold high the flag of sportmanship and competitive spirit through the various events from team sports to individual ones.

Apart from that, events are organised for staff like running races and the fun filled tug of war between staff and students. Such lighter events add to wholesome entertainment on the day.

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