The Institute has excellent residential facilities for all the students admitted to the various courses. There are twenty hostel blocks (halls of residence) for men and two for women.

Hostel administration is managed by a Chief Warden and a team of Wardens drawn from the faculty and appointed by the Director on a tenure basis. Hostel Advisory Council headed by the Director is responsible for major policy decisions with respect to the hostel administration. Hostel Executive Committee takes decisions on routine matters. Students have representation on both the administrative bodies. Hostel office has full-fledged supporting staff and other workers.


There are five messes in the men’s hostels, three of them serving non-vegetarian meals and the remaining two providing vegetarian meals. Ladies’ hostel has a separate mess which offers both the vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine. The messes operate on ‘no profit – no loss’ basis and cater to the taste of students from all regions of the country. There are mess representatives nominated from the students and a mess warden to supervise the smooth running of the messes. Messes are equipped with excellent furniture, music system and purified chilled water. Messes are provided with steam cooking facility and fueled through gas. The food cleaning and cutting processes are being mechanized.

There is one Institute Food court for mens hostels(1k,1.8k)

Central Library

The Central Library supports the teaching and research programmes of the Institute and provides facilities for general reading and disseminates information according to the requirement of the users. It is housed in a separate building with a plinth area of 4000 Sq.mtrs. It has around 1,57,596 books, back volumes, technical pamphlets, standards, CD-ROMs, Video cassettes etc. The total cost of the books is Rs.6.40 Crores and it receives 215 journals, (125 Indian and 90 foreign) at a cost of Rs.5.91 Lakhs. It also receives 2000 on-line journals through INDEST set-up by MHRD, Govt. of India. The services and operations in the central Library are fullycomputerised. The database of entire library acquisitions was created using LIBSYS software and it works under XPenvironment. The main server is Xeon Server – Dual CPU (Dell PE 2900).


NIT Dispensary is full-fledged unit with provision for one full time Residential Medical Officer, one visiting doctor and two part time doctors who are assisted by supporting staff staff viz Staff Nurse,Pharmacist etc.


The institute has a bank situated beside the campus main gate, State Bank of Hyderabad. The bank is regular in the campus and are housed in separate buildings. Application forms for important national level exams such as JEE, GATE and CAT are sold in this bank.

State Bank of Hyderabad : Institute employees have their salaries credited to the State Bank of Hyderabad. Online Fees transactions are done online through the State Bank of Hyderabad. Director and Chief wardens have their permanent accounts in State Bank Of Hyderabad.

Motor Transport Section

The Instute maintains a number of vehicles to cater to the needs of the institute. The MT (Motor Transport) Section maintains these vehicles.
Contact Details:
MT Section Office: 870-2462990, 2462991
Sri A.Veeresh Babu: Incharge MT Section
Ph. No. 870-2462336, 2468336
Sri R. Veera Swamy: Foreman MT Section

Post Office

The Institute has a Post Office.

The NITW campus comes under a separate postal zone and it is a postal delivery office.

The post office is located Beside the Boys Hostels(12th Block Viswesvraya Hall) and works on all weekdays from 10.00 A.M. to 5.00 P.M. and from 9.00 A.M. to 2.00 P.M. on Saturdays.

Shopping Complex

The Institute has one shopping centre which caters to the needs of the students and residents.

The Student`s Facility Complex located beside Transport Section has the following :

Laundry Shop
Hair Cutting Saloon
Uma Xerox Shop
Each of these remain open regularly from 9 to around 8pm.

Eateries have been opened at strategic locations all around the campus including inside the hostel blocks. These include shops such as Cofee day Express, Nescafe, Bru, Amul and remain open for more than 10 hours


The Institute has two canteens with goog quality of food served in them.

  1. New NIT canteen
  2. Staff Canteen

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