The Training and Placement Section provides a launch pad for students to make it to the best organizations in the fields of software, core industries, management, etc. The Giants in the corporate world visit the campus on a regular basis, with enviable recruitment offers. Our students have lived up to the expectations of organizations that visit the campus, looking for bright candidates to take up important and challenging responsibilities at their workplace. The TAPS boasts of maintaining an excellent rapport with a wide spectrum of companies spread across various industry sectors.We have maintained an aura of culture and legacy over the six decades of of innovative growth and excellence. Having stamped its class in academic and corporate circles, our students don the most challenging and demanding roles in industry,India and abroad. This is testimony to the trust and belief that the industry has bestowed in us for years and more importantly is a commitment from Nitw to deliver the best consistently.Over the years,the section has maintained good and strong relationship with Industries across the country and as a result,has built up an impressive placement record both in terms of percentage of registered students placed,as well as the number of companies visiting the campus. We distinguish our self not as a college of engineering but as an institution. A college is a place where one can just get a degree but an institution of national importance like NIT Warangal, is here to serve a larger purpose where getting a degree doesn’t form the primary objective of the institution. The idea of creating better technologists, better leaders and importantly better citizens suffuses through the teaching pedagogy of the curriculum. We expose the best minds we have, to the outer world that waits to test and absorb the talent radiating from every individual. The student mix in the batch is hand‑picked from some of the most diverse walks of life.

This diversity has resulted in experiential learning and appreciation of varied cultures and tastes. The curriculum here has been dynamically aligned to the needs and aspirations of the industry to ensure that students not just imbibe academic concepts but develop the analytical and thinking to be the leaders in the ever‑changing world of technology.

The distinguished faculty at NITW, which forms the most impacting clout in academic and consulting circles, has taken the pains to ensure that our student is constantly acclimatized to the dynamics of change and takes his rightful place amongst the future change drivers of the industry. The T & P section assists the departments in placement of students. About 140 – 160 companies visit the campus every year. Some of our loyal recruiters include sclumberger, shell, Intel etc.


Faculty Incharge, Training & Placement Section

Prof. Ravi Kumar Puli
National Institute of Technology. Warangal
Andhra Pradesh – 506 020
+91 94901 65357(Mobile)

Faculty Coordinator,Training & Placement:

Dr. A. V. Giridhar
National Institute of Technology. Warangal
Andhra Pradesh – 506 020
+91 94901 64796 (Mobile)


0870-2462930 (Direct)
0870-2459547 (Fax)
email: [email protected];
[email protected],
[email protected]

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