To strengthen teaching and research, support services are being provided by the University. The University has one of the best university libraries in India. It has nearly 3.33 lakh books, hundreds of journals, microfilms, and magnificent archival documents. Photostating and internet access are also made available at the library. The library also provides inter-library loan facility to its members.

Sports Complex

The University has a modern Sports Complex. It has also a swimming pool, which has been a venue of many National Swimming Meets. The University has always accorded a high priority to games and sports. Facilities for all major indoor and outdoor games are available at the Constituent Colleges as well. Fully developed indoor stadium along with a yoga centre are the unique attractions of the Sports Complex. Besides this, the Department of Physical Education has started a postgraduate diploma and a masters’ programme in Physical Education.

Health Centre

The University provides Allopathic, Ayurvedic, and Homeopathic facilities at its Health Centre. Medicines are provided free of cost. Health checkups are arranged from time to time. Blood donation camps are also organized. Consultation is also available to the outsiders.

Student Advisory Bureau

A Students Advisory Bureau exists since 1962 with the motto: “We do not believe in framing the future for next generation, rather we wish to frame the next generation for the future.”

Hostels & Residences

Residential accommodation is provided to the teachers and the Students. The university has 18 hostels, 10 for boys, 8 for girls. The University is going to construct two hostels one for SC girls and other for SC boys with 45% assistance from the ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment with a cost of Rs. 5 crores. Besides hostels, there are Teachers Hostel, Working Women Hostel and faculty residences located at the main campus. Some residences are for the non-teaching employees as well. The University has an eco-friendly environment. The nursery-cum- garden office of the university looks after lawns and parks. The university has nursery which has some rare plants and shrubs.

Students Welfare

In order to stimulate and coordinate various activities of the students the Dean of Students’ Welfare is provided grants and facilities. The Dean, Students Welfare, is also Advisor of International Students.

Academic Staff College

The University has also an Academic Staff College which was set-up by the UGC in 1988 for an overall development of young university and college teachers. The ASC organizes Refresher and Orientation P r o g r a m m e s . T h e R e f r e s h e r C o u r s e s a r e interdisciplinary as well as discipline-specific, whereas the Orientation Programmes are interdisciplinary. The later aims to enhance overall intellectual worth of the teacher. The ASC is ranked one of the first ten best Academic Staff Colleges of India.

Service and Instrumentation Centre

University Service and Instrumentation Centre is also functioning. The Centre has an adequate workshop under its control with facilities for mechanical (Lathe machines, Milling Machines etc.), glass blowing, electronics, welding, and gas filling shops and an analytical instrument sections. The Centre houses costly instruments such as (1) Semiautomatic X-Ray Diffractometer DIANO (USA) make, (2) Phillips Liquid Nitrogen Plant with 6 liter per hour capacity.

Infonet Centre

The University has established a UGC Infonet Centre which coordinates all the activity of UGC Infonet Project at University of Rajasthan end. The centre will further distribute and maintain the internet connectivity over Campus Wide Area Network making it available to constituent colleges, teaching departments, research Centres, and administrative units. The Centre maintains and host University Website and Mail-server. The Centre will also coordinate and maintain Intranet of University when it comes up.

University Printing Press

The University has a Press. It looks after the publication needs of the university. It is being modernized with assistance from UGC during the tenth plan.

Guest House

The Guest House of the university is well maintained. It is the pride of the University. Recently it has been expanded with seven additional rooms.

Administrative Service Pre-Entry Training Centre (APTC)

The Centre was set up by the University in 1978 and it’s given the status of an Independent Centre in 1999. At present the centre is running in an independent building close to the University Nursery. The Centre has been organizing several pre-entry training courses for Indian Civil Services and Rajasthan Administrative and Subordinate Services for the last 35 years on Self Financing basis.
UGC has also recognized to the Centre as supporting centre for upliftment of SC, ST, OBC and Minority Community students in 10th & 11th Plan for coaching of RAS, ICS, RJS, NET/SELT, Bank P.O., Spoken English and other competitive examinations. This Centre plays an important role of a facilitator by inviting eminent academicians, bureaucrats and experts of respective fields who impart incisive training to the candidates aspiring for competitive examinations.

The Centre imparts rigorous training and makes available reading material, handouts, and other literature which helps the candidates for various competitive examinations. The centre has conducted more than 200 programs for various examinations. The past performance in terms of selection of the candidates enrolled in this Centre has been very satisfactory as almost 1/3 of such candidates have been getting selected in these competitive examinations. The UPSC results have rated University of Rajasthan among the top institutions where from the candidates are selected.


This Centre plays an important role of a facilitator by inviting eminent academicians, bureaucrats, and experts in the respective fields who impart incisive training to the candidates aspiring for these competitive examinations. The Centre imparts rigorous training and makes available reading material, handouts, and other literature which help the candidates of various competitive examinations.


Preparing and grooming the students for competitive examinations through providing subject knowledge as well as developing their personality and communication skills by experts.

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