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Prof. Vinod Kumar Sharma
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Department of English

About the Department

The Department was established in 1961 by the eminent Yeatsian scholar, Prof. A . G . S t o c k . T h e D e p a r t m e n t w o r k s consistently towords the programmes of studies development that enhance the Academics acumen of the students.

Goals and Vision

The Department is committed to maintain high standard of scholarship both for its faculty and its students. The members of the faculty function as a dedicated team, work consistently for the upgradation of the Department at undergraduate and post- graduate levels. We have earned a reputation for qualitative teaching and have periodically revised our syllabi to keep pace with the p r o l i f e r a t i o n o f n e w k n o w l e d g e a n d researches. Our innovative planning has led to the introduction of papers in English Language, Indian Literature in English and in Translation, Women’s Writing, Postcolonial Literature and Canadian Literature. The Department has well qualified faculty with specializations in areas such as Postcolonial Literatures, Feminist Writing, Diasporic Literature, Dalit Writing, Language Studies, A m e r i c a n , C a n a d i a n a n d A u s t r a l i a n Literatures, Literature and Film and Indian Writing in English.

Infrastructural Facilities:

The Department has a well equipped library and a language laboratory is being established for enhancement of communication skills of the students.

Ph.D. Programme

Since its inception, the Department has been active in research and has insisted on high standards of scholarship. Over 250 scholars have been awarded the Ph. D. degree in the following areas : Modern British and American Literature, 17,18 and 19 Century British and American Literature, Applied L i n g u i s t i c s , E n g l i s h L a n g u a g e Te a c h i n g , Postcolonial Literatures, Women’s Writing, Critical Theory, Contemporary Drama and Narratology.


Head & Professor

Chakravarty, Joya

Associate Professor

Agrawal, Sunita,  Mathur, Charu Mathur, Deepa S.P. Mathur, Tanuja Nanda, Mini Pandey, Aruna Singh, Nidhi, Soule, Arun

Thrust areas :–

  • Modern and Contemporary British Literature
  • 19 and 20 Century American Literature
  • Postcolonial Literatures

(a) Australian Literature
(b) Canadian Literature
(c) Indian Writing in English
(d) African Literature

  • Diasporic Literatures
  • Critical Theory
  • Applied Linguistics
  • Translation Studies
  • English Language Teaching
  • Partition Literature

Masters’ Programmes

Duration : One Year

Duration : One Year


Seats : 60
Duration : Four Semesters (Two Years)

Other Highlights and Achievements :

(a) (i) The A.G. Stock Memorial Lecture has been delivered by luminaries like Mushirul Hasan; U.R. Ananthamurthy; Romila Thapar, Amiya Dev, Ganesh Devy, P.S. Chauhan and Harish Narang
(ii) The R.K. Kaul Memorial Lecture has been delivered by esteemed scholars like Keki D a r u w a l l a ; A s h o k Va j p a y i ; R a j e e v Bhargava.(iii) Workshops and scholarly interactions with– Prof. Valerie Miner (Stanford, U.S.); Prof. Ahrens (Germany); Alexis Wright (Australia); Prof. Bruce Bennett (Australia); Prof. Roger Bell (U.K.) and Paul Theroux (U.S.), Prof. Claire Omhovere (France), and Prof. Dorothy Figeuria (US) Judith Misrahi (France),Sieghild Bogumil (Germany).

(b) The Department has also organised various U.G.C. sponsored Refresher Courses.
(c) International Conferences were organised on
(i) “Borders, Border Theories and Crossing Borders” organized by Department of English, IRIS, Sahitya Academy and J a w a h a r K a l a K e n d r a f r o m 2 0 – 2 2 September, 2008.
(ii) “Margins and Nation Spaces” organized by the Department of English from 8-9 February, 2008.
(iii) “Telling Lives: Formation and Reflections in Diverse Narrative Traditions” from 24-26 February,2010 (d) Placement: A number of students have cleared the UGC NET/RPSC SLET exams. and are teaching and Occupying Administrative posts various Colleges and University.

Department of Indian Languages Literature And Culture Studies

About the Department

The Department was established in 1961. Course in French, German, Spanish are being Conducted in the Department. M.A. French started in 2004. P.hD. Programme in French Started in Year 2007.

Ph.D. Programme in French

Thrust Areas
Comparative Literature, Forcign Language teaching & Translation Studies. Masters’ Programmes


Seats: 20
Duration: Four Semesters (Two years)
Head & Professor Pande, Asha Associate Professor Padture, R.

Post Diploma Programme in French / German/ Spanish Language

Seats: 15 Duration: (One year)

Diploma Programme

Diploma in French/German/Spanish Language
Seats: 30

Duration: (One year)
Certificate Programme
Certificate in French/German/Spanish Language
Seats: 70 each

Duration: One year

Department of Hindi

Department of Philosophy

About the Department

The Department of Philosophy was established in 1956. Due to its nationally and internationally acclaimed faculty, It soon emerged as a leading centre of quality teaching and research in the country. It earned the reputation for providing an excellent platform for interdisciplinary research and attracted scholars from different disciplines of Humanities, Social Sciences and Natural Sciences in its seminars and symposiums. It is amongst those few departments in the country which were granted UGC’s University Leadership Project (ULP) in 1977. In 1979 it was selected for UGC’s Special Assistant Programme (SAP) under DSA and after successfully completing 4 phases till March 2005, was upgraded as the Centre of Advanced Study (CAS) in Philosophy from April 2005. It also received Assistance for Strengthening the Infrastructure from UGC under its ASIHSS Programme in April 2004.

Infrastructural Facilities

The Department is equipped with sufficient space in the Humanities Building, consisting of one Seminar room, one small library of 1600 text and reference books for P.G. and M.Phil. students. The Department also has its separate building for Centre for Advanced Study (CAS) which is equipped with a Library consisting of approximately 10,000 books and journals


Head & Professor

Jain, Kusum

Associate Professors
Sharma, R.P. Singh, A. V.

Ph.D. Programme

Thrust Areas

  • Indian Philosophy with special emphasis on Navya Nyaya and Vyakaran Darshan
  • Legal, Political, Social & Moral Philosophy, Religious Studies, Aesthetics & Philosophy of History.
  • Logic & Philosophy of Science

Master’s Programmes
Duration : (One Year)

Seats : 60
Duration: Four Semesters Two years

Other Highlights

The department has its own publication programme and has so far published 51 volumes including 22 books in different series and 29 volumes of Journal of Foundational Research and Two Model Question Banks. Our publications have been widely appreciated in scholarly circles. On account of high philosophical standards, some of our publications have earned National acclaim and have won various prestigious awards such as Best Book of the Year Award by ICPR, Shankar Puraskar, President’s Award, Acharya Shankar Puraskar, Achary Naval Kishor Kankar Award, Indira Behere Award etc.
The department regularly organizes various National and International Seminars, Symposiums, Workshops, Summer/Winter Courses, Refresher Courses, Lecture Series. CAS has taken initiative to organize Interdisciplinary Research Scholars Seminar on a monthly basis since 14th Dec., 2006. The purpose of the seminar is to provide a platform to all the research scholars of the University to share their knowledge about their research areas with the other scholoars of different departments. The Center also collaborates with International and national o r g a n i z a t i o n s / U n i v e r s i t i e s i n o r g a n i z i n g seminars/lectures and academic courses for students, research scholars and faculty members

Department of Sanskrit

Department of Urdu & Persian

About the Department

The Department of Urdu & Persian was established in 1973 with a clear vision to impart higher learning and teaching of Urdu Language and Literature. It is the largest department of Urdu in the State.

Other Highlights:

The Department has organized many regional and national seminars. Reputed academicians and scholars like Prof. Gyan Chand Jain, Prof. Qamar Rais, Prof. Mohd. Hasan, Prof. Mahmood Ilahi, Prof. Abdul Haq and others have visited the Department. More than 50 students have so far been awarded Ph.D. degrees in Urdu.

Ph.D. Programme
Thrust Areas of Research:

  • Classical Poetry and Prose
  • Cultural Aspects of Literature
  • Comparative Study
  •  Regional Urdu Literature

Masters’ Programme

M. Phil. IN URDU Duration : One Year

Seats : 60
Duration: Four Semesters (Two years)

Head & Associate Professor
Afridi, Abida
Associate Professors
Anwar, Khursheed Bano, Jamila Basari, Nasira Jahan, Khursheed Khan, Husain Raza Khan, Mohd. Naim Khanam, Surayya Riyazuddin

Diploma Programme

Seats : 60 Duration : One year
Certificate Programme
Seats : 60 Duration : One Year
Seats : 60 Duration : One Year

Centre for European Studies

The Centre was establised in September 2011 by the University Grants Commission. It is an Interdisciplinary Centre having main focus on Policy research in matters concerning European Union and India. It also aims to help realize the full potential of relationship in key areas of interest between India and the EU.

Infrastructure facilities :

The premises are located in the old NRSC Building. It has basic facilities like computer with Internet connectivity, printer, scanner, smart class material. Centre will soon have a small conference room and two functional class rooms.

Research on the thrust areas is proposed on India EU cooperation (special emphasis of major ongoing collaborative projects in health and sanitation sectors in Rajasthan).



Prof. Asha Pande

Deputy Coordinator

Dr. Rashmi Jain

Gender Issues: Asian Women in leadership roles on National building in EU countries.

Enhancing HR skills to improve capacity building in new emerging sectors of India.

E.U. with special focus on France, Germany & Spain: Immigration, Assimilation and Assertion (identity issues) of Asian population

The Centre will undertake research in European Studies. Some add on course will be Started soon Courses: (SFS)
M.A. in European Studies
P.G. Diploma in European Studies

Centre for Jain Studies

About the Department

On the auspicious occasion of Lord Mahaveer’s 2500th Nirvan Mahotsava the Centre for Jain Studies was established in 1975 and a Chair founded for promoting research work in Jainism. The Centre has a missionary zeal to sponsor and promote research in Jain Studies and other aspects of Comparative Religions and Culture. With its longstanding and renowned status, the Centre is located in the Humanities Block, University of Rajasthan Campus, Jaipur.

At the time of establishment of the Centre the University had taken a decision that Jainology be

Prof. Sanjeev Bhanawat

treated more as an area of research and the main purpose for establishing the chair should be to encourage the study of Jain religion and ethics in the related departments i.e. Sanskrit, Hindi, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, Political Science, Public Administration and History, already existing in the University, and conduct and direct research in the field of Jainology.

In order to attract the diversified Jainological studies the University also accommodated the study of source material, ideas, thoughts, literature and history of Jainism to be studied as special papers in the regular courses of the Department of the Sanskrit, Philosophy and History with the co-operation and guidance of the person occupying the chair in Jainology. In view of this decision the PG classes in Jain Studies are being taken with PG departments of History, Sanskrit and Philosophy of the University and the faculty of the Centre is associated with them ever since the establishment of the Centre.

It is one of the premier institutions of international repute for Jain Studies in India, engaged in research o n v a r i o u s a s p e c t s o f J a i n S t u d i e s a n d Manuscriptology, committed for dissemination of knowledge on Prakrit, Apabharmsa language & L i t e r a t u r e , J a i n P h i l o s o p h y & r e l i g i o n a n d Manuscriptology in a comparative, critical and historical perspective. The Centre awards every year various Fellowships and Scholarships.

It has so far organised more than 5 International, 10 regional and 30 National Seminars and held several extension Lecture-series, and published about 26 books on Jainology and Manuscriptology. It has its own Library and subscribes to a large number of Journals and Magazines, relevant to the Jain Studies and allied subjects.

Research work has been carried out in Centre and as many as 245 research scholars have been awarded D.Litt, Ph.D. and M.Phil Degrees in Jain Studies by this University.

Infrastructural Facilities:

The Centre has an adequate computer laboratory with internet facility, a manuscript library for the use of research scholars as well as a Reference library for oriental studies and general studies.

Ph.D. Programme

  • Jain Studies

Masters’ Programme

Duration : One Year

PG Diploma Programme
Seats :15 Duration : One Year

Seats :15 Duration : One Year

Centre for Jyotirvigyan

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