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Department of Physical Education

Prof. B.S. Rathore

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Department of Education

About the Department

The Department of Education was established in the year 1976 to impart Teacher Education at the degree level through the distance learning mode. After the restructuring of Universities in Rajasthan, the Department of Education was granted permission in
1992 to conduct M.Ed. Course and to promote research in Education.

Aims and Vision

The vision of the Department is to prepare a professional cadre of committed and competent teacher educators.

Infrastructural Facilities

The Department has its own library consisting of 2500 books, a psychology lab and computer lab.

Ph.D. Programme

Thrust Areas

Head & Professor
Arora, Rita

  • Psychology of Education
  • School Education
  • Teacher Education
  • Educational Technology

Master’s Programme


Seats : 40 Duration : One Year

Other Highlights & Achievements

A number of students qualified from the Department have got employment in teacher training institutions and schools.

Department of Library & Information Science

About the Department

The Department was established in the year 1960. This is the oldest Department of Library & Information Science in the state of Rajasthan and one of the few in the country to have started Masters’ and Doctoral Degree programmes. It started Masters’ and Doctoral degree programmes in the subject as early as 1974 and 1975 respectively. The Department has already produced more than 55 Ph.Ds and many students are pursuing the research degree. A number of ex-students of this department are serving in senior positions in the country and abroad in premier and prestigious institutions. In view of the changing scenario due to rapid development in ICT, the syllabi for both MLIS & BLIS have been revised to include ICT based curriculum as per U.G.C. model. Infrastructural Facilities
The Department has a well equipped modern ICT laboratory, with state-of-the-art facilities.

Ph.D. Programme

Thrust Areas of Research:

Head and Associate Professor
Dalbir Singh
Associate Professor Kaushik, Purnima Rawtani, M.R.

  • Information Management
  • Networking of Libraries
  • Information Centers
  • Resource Sharing
  • Optimal Utilization User Studies
  • Digital libraries and web based services.

Master’s Programme


Seats : 20
Duration : Two Semesters (One Year)

Under Graduate Programme


Seats : 80 Duration : One Year

Department of Life Long Learning

(Formerly Deptt. of Adult and Continuing Education)

About the Department

Prof. Shashi Sahay

The importance of Life long Learning has been repeatedly stressed and its role has increased manifold in India. Globalization and tremendous expansion of technology have been instrumental in bringing about change in the allover educational system in India. DLL is playing an important role in equipping the youth and non–student youth to adopt the changes and learn new skills in accordance with the demand to work and to foster the continuous development and improvement of the knowledge and skills needed for employment and personal fulfillment.

DLL has been successful in reaching out to a larger section of the community especially to the marginalized section of society through various training department organizes various programmes on social issues namely: stigma, discrimination and denial. The Department conducts e–learning classes for senior citizens and deprived sections of society. The Department has been instrumental in  conducting awareness programmes on population control, HIV/AIDS control, child labour, save the girl child and safe motherhood, environment protection etc.

Every year, the department organizes various International/ National seminars/workshops/ and discussions. Special thrust is on capacity building/ leadership skill/personality development/ stress management/career counselling and guidance programmes for youth. The Department has also organized English language teaching classes in villages, government schools and slums of Rajasthan for the needy and poor.

The Department has initiated various extension activities for the students with the support of University Department, Colleges and NGO’s. The department is making sincere efforts to involve the students and the community in literacy, post literacy, population, education and non- formal education programmes

Department of Physical Education

About the Department

The Department was established in 1947 with its Physical Education programme including Courses like Bachelor of Physical Education (B.P.Ed.) from 1994-95 and Master of Physical Education (M.P.Ed.) from 1995-96. The Department introduced Yoga Certificate & Yoga Diploma Courses in the session 2003-04 under a UGC scheme & M.Phil in Physical Education was introduced in 2007-08. The Department has ample facilities for research work, enabling the post graduates to pursue their Ph.D. in Physical Education. Till date 59 students have been awarded Ph.D. in Physical Education.

Ph.D. Programme

Thrust Areas

  • Sports Training
  • Sports Medicine
  • Sports Bio-Mechanics
  • Physiology ó Psychology ó Management
  • Professional Preparation & Curriculum Designs
  • Sociology of Sports
  • Test and Measurement
  • Yoga


Head & Professor

Rathore, B.S.


Chundawat, M.S.

Masters’ Programme

Duration : One Year


M A S T E R O F P H Y S I C A L E D U C AT I O N (M.P.Ed.)
Seats : 25
Duration: Four Semesters(Two Years) BACHELOR OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION (B.P.Ed.)
Seats : 30 Duration : One Year

PG Diploma Programme

Seats : 40 Duration : One Year
Certificate Programme

Seats : 40 Duration : Six Months

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