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Prof. Maya Rani Tak
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Department of Dramatics

About the Department

The Department of Dramatics was established in 1975 with a one-year part time Certificate Course. Today, in its 34th year, the Department has earned the status of one of the most exciting and innovative Drama Departments in the country. Combining the study of traditional theatre with cutting-edge performance practice, the Department aims at providing an all round development of the students. This is one of the renowned institutions of learning theatre arts in the entire country and provides an opportunity of five years training programme followed by Ph. D

Infrastructural Facilities

For the benefit of the students, guest teachers and theatre professionals are invited to talk about theatre design, stage management, television and films. Besides its own open-air theatre on the campus, the department has access to the infrastructural facilities of the Jawahar Kala Kendra and the Ravindra Manch. Productions are not always restricted to campus venues. Students have performed in many other places around the campus and in the nearby towns as well as other metropolitan cities.

Ph.D. Programme

Thrust Areas

  • Classical Theatre of India and its Dramaturgy with special reference to Nātyashāstra’;
  • Socio-Political undertones in the Modern Theatre of India and cross-cultural practice in Secular Theatre;
  • Identity Issues in Folk and Indigenous theatre;
  • Experimental theatre;
  • M o d e r n I n d i a n a n d We s t e r n t h e a t r e aesthetics, theory and practice etc.

Master’s Programme
Seats :20
Duration : Four Semesters (Two Years)

PG Diploma Programme (SFS Scheme)

Duration : One Year


Head & Assistant Professor
Srivastava, Archana

Department of Drawing & Painting

About the Department

The Department of Drawing & Painting started P.G. classes in 1974.

The Department aims to produce professionally skilled artists in the field of Indian Contemporary and Traditional Art. Emphasis is laid on interdisciplinary approach in teaching & learning. Innovative and research-oriented attitude is inculcated in order to train the P.G. students in the new perspective of Indian contemporary art, organizing seminars, refresher courses and artist workshops.

Ph.D. Programme
Thrust Areas

  • Indian Traditional Schools of Painting ó Aspects of Indian Contemporary Art ó Folk Arts of India
  • Aesthetics of Indian & Western Art
  • Arts & Crafts of different parts of India
  • Interdisciplinery approach to various arts
  • Artistic study of Archeological Remains.

Master’s Programme

Seats : 12
Duration : Four Semesters (Two Years)


Head & Associate Professor
Jain, Beena

Associate Professors
Khan, I.U. Singh, Tanuja

Seats : 15
Duration : Four Semesters (Two Years)

Other Highlights & Achievements

  • Faculty has published a remarkable number of books and research papers in different art journals.
  • Organised one-man shows and group shows of painting by faculty members in various prestigious art galleries of the country and abroad. Faculty members have received International, National & State Awards and recognition.
  • Many students have been appointed as lecturers in various prestigious institutes of India.
  • Faculty members have participated in various National Conferences/ Seminars/ Artist camps etc.
  • Faculty members are the members of renowned Academic Bodies & Research Committees of various universities

Department of Music

About the Department

The Department was established in 1973 with Vocal and Instrumental Music (Sitar) as the main subject. Many Nationally acclaimed performing artists & Scholars viz. Dr. Leelawati Adsule of Gwalior Gharana Pt. Shashi Mohan Bhatt- a disciple of Pt. Ravi Shankar Smt. Shakuntala Mathur, Dr. B.L.Sharma and Dr. Sharda Mishra have been part of this department.

A Four-Year performance oriented Professional Degree Course (B.Mus./B.P.A.) was introduced in 1987. Subsequently, a Two-year Post Graduate course (M.Mus./M.P.A.) was added in 1991. These courses were designed with more stress on practice/performance & Theory so as to produce performing artists and scholars . The Department aims to: produce professionally skilled artists and Musicologists; develop creative and innovative abilities in the students; expose the students to emerging perspectives of Indian Music; inculcate research oriented attitude in the students; organize seminars, workshops, refresher courses and music concerts etc.

Ph.D. Programme

Thrust Areas

  • History of Indian Music (Ancient, Medieval & Modern Period)
  • Gharanas of Indian Music
  • Spiritual Aspects of Indian Music
  • Aesthetics of Indian Music
  • Emerging Trends in Indian Music
  • Role of Mass Media
  • Folk Music, Dance and Instruments
  • New Technology and Music
  • Music Therapy

Masters’ Programme

Duration : Four Semesters (Two Years) MASTER OF ARTS IN MUSIC (M.A.) VOCAL / INST.(SITAR)
Seats : 12
Duration : Four Semesters (Two Years)

Head & Professor
Tak, Maya Rani Professor Yadav, Suman

Associate Professors
Bhardwaj, Prabha Jain, Veena Kalla, Vandana Sharma, Anjalika Sharma, Satyawati Tailang, Arti Bhatt Tailang, Madhu Bhatt Vyas, O.N
Seats : 12 Duration : Four Years

Highlights & Achievements

  • The Faculty of the Department includes graded artists of All India Radio, Nationally and I n t e r n a t i o n a l l y a c c l a i m e d p e r f o r m e r s / Musicologists and recipients of State/national Level awards/ Honours.
  • Students who have passed out from the Department have achieved name and fame in the field of Performing art as artists (TV, Radio and Stage), Sound designer, Composer, Recordist writer & Scholar etc.
  • Research scholars of the subject have availed research scholarships like JRF, SRF, Rajiv Gandhi and Departmental Scholarships for Ph.D. research work.
  • A number of students have cleared the NET/SLET exam.

Department of Visual Arts

About the Department

The Department of Visual Arts started the teaching of professional degree course in the year 1987. We have been able to orient a good number of professionals in the subject of visual arts, some of them have been contributing significantly to the discipline. After about 14 years of path-breaking hard work by the academic community, the faculty has started the M.F.A. under the Self Financing Scheme (SFS) in the year 2000, with a mission and well – defined goal to be achieved.

The faculty today has proven its competence not only in providing the required education but has also grown its sphere of activity, in spite of enormous constraints. Its faculty members have been regularly participating in National & International Art Exhibitions, Camps and Seminars and have received awards. Many of them are also members of BoS bodies of various Universities. Former students of the Department have also been appointed as HoDs in various Institutes of India and abroad.

The course of M.V.A. has been so designed that a student is given sufficient freedom of expression. He/she is allowed to innovate and explore a style of his/her own which would be essential to establish a distinct identity in the world of Art and Design.

Infrastructural Facilities

The faculty has a large studio for each discipline apart from separate studios for specialized subjects such as Photography, Print Making, Sculpture etc.

The faculty’s Resource Centre comprises a library specifically designed for the needs of the students and to facilitate research scholars towards Art and Design.

The use of computer as an essential tool for design is no longer questioned in this faculty. Computers with multimedia capacities are being used by Applied Arts and Graphic Arts students.

Apart from regular studio classes, the Department holds separate workshops for the students to explore their abilities in the areas of their specialization.The faculty utilizes its large seminar hall, fully equipped with all the latest communication and presentation equipment for Lectures, Seminars, Presentations and Discussions organized as part of the regular curriculum activity.

From time to time the faculty invites eminent people from various walks of life for the academic benefit of the students.

Study tours are organized every semester to the major art centers and places relevant to the subject of Arts & Design. This enriches the students and helps them to have a wider knowledge base.

Masters’ Programmes (S .F.S )

Seats :12 Duration : Four Semesters (Two Years) MASTER OF VISUAL ARTS (SCULPTURE) Seats :12 Duration : Four Semesters (Two Years)

Bachelor Level Programmes


Seats : 12 in each Duration : Four Years


Head & Asstt. Professor

Mandal, Subrata

Assistant Professors

Kavoor, T.J. Pandel, Rajat Sen, Sumit Vyas, Kamlesh

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