Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology (SVNIT) is amongst the premier colleges of our country that were given the status of National Institute of Technology (NITs). Being one of the oldest institutions in the state, it enjoys the presence of the most experienced of faculties, whose intentions not only lie in covering the academic grounds, but also establishing a web of activities that encourage learning by practical methods. This positive motivation is what that ensures active participation of the pool of innovative minds in National as well as International activities.The institute recognizes the extracurricular activities as a part to students’ life and hence well-equipped facilities for games and sports are provided within the hostels premises, in other general locations and in the student activity center.
NIT Surat provides on-campus residential facilities to its students, research scholars, faculty members and staff. The students live in hostels (referred to as bhavans) throughout their stay in the NIT. Wi-Fi facility is now extended to all the hostels.The institute has student-organised festivals like MindBend, Sparsh, Autumnfest, and MMNCT.Most of the institute’s athletic and sports facilities are located in and around the Student Activity Center (SAC) . The SAC has indoor badminton courts and a gymnasium. Adjoining this building are two basketball courts, a cricket ground and football ground. Other facilities on campus include a volleyball court, pool tables and indoor table-tennis tables in the residential hostels.The girls hostel has a gym and badminton court exclusively for girls.


NIT Surat Fest
DRISHTI Society, the technical hobby club of SVNIT comes under Student Council of SVNIT. Managed by students under two faculty advisors – Dr. M.A. Zaveri and Dr. H.B. Naik the Society is engaged in spreading technical awareness among the students of the college in following manner:

  • Acting as a resource for technical knowledge and information pool for various national and international technical events.
  • Providing a platform for discussion among students and with faculty.
  • Providing students with an inventory of tools and equipments.
  • Conducting workshops and technical seminars.
  • Carrying out large scale technical projects.
  • Providing students with problem statements and projects in various fields.
  • Interacting with industries and taking up various related problems.


NIT Surat Fest
In the tedious schedules and monotonic trends of college life, many students often loose their fists over the conceptual clarities and which is more important, free thinking. Being a technical freak in the college mostly implies your ability to apply the science, sorry, engineering, one knows to desired tasks.
But that’s not enough! What students themselves kill or miss to enjoy is the out of the box logics and reasoning on various interesting and untouched aspects of the world enveloping us. When it comes to everyday science only few have answers to what they see around.
PRAKRITI for the first time brings to you a forum to break the strands of ignorance and encourage the so called “Free Mind”. Never before in this premises has been organised an event, that looks ahead of major technical skills. So get tuned to polish your pure sciences, because what we consider yawning, static pure science is actually the “NOT YET APPLIED SCIENCE”.

Manoj Memorial Night Cricket Tournament

MMNCT( Manoj Memorial Night Cricket Tournament),its a cricket tournament,organised by the SVNIT students with the help of Board of Sports, Hostel Office and BSA Alumni. This tournament first started in 2006 in remembrance of a fellow student late Manoj kumar.The cricket fever with enormous crowd and fulgent floodlights burgeons through out the nights turning the event into biggest sporting extravaganza of SVNIT.Late Manoj Kumar, from Patna (Bihar), was a good student of Electrical Engineering Department (Batch 2004-2008) as well as a enthusiastic cricketer.His tragic death occured on 13th October 2005 due to Dengue during treatment in Seven Days hospital.To keep his memories alive forever, his batch mates started a cricket tournament.Manoj Memorial Night Cricket Tournament, first ever softball night cricket tournament in the history of SVNIT.His
batch mates along with the cooperation and encouragement of HOSTEL SECTION & BOARD OF SPORTS successfully organized the first season of MMNCT in January 2006. Since then this tournament has grown bigger and better breaking unprecedented frontiers.


NIT Surat Fest
Mindbend is the technical festival of NIT- Surat. It has been witnessing active participation for 16 years and has seen an amalgamation of ideas and practical exposure. It has been a platform for innovative measures and promotes budding technocrats from the whole nation; and urges them to create, share and propagate their initiatives. Apart from being a technical festival, it also caters to audience from management, commerce and other varied disciplines; owing to the versatility of the events and the location of the institute. We have always believed and adhered in projecting Mindbend as a mean to provide students with an opportunity to leverage their technical skills. February 22-25, 2011 will be the 17th edition of Mindbend in which we intend to go a step further.


NIT Surat Fest
Singing Night
Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it rest,heals the heart and makes it whole, flows from heaven to the soul.
At Sparsh, by Music we mean the whole plethora of genres you could possibly know, and a bit more. Whether it’s a heavy Maiden riff on the guitar, a soul-stirring fusion of Carnatic & Hindustani music or a mellifluous rendition of Bollywood & folk songs sung in fresh voices, the night’s magic of pleasure and creativity guarantees to cheer you on. The Musical Rainbow of all vibrant moods of youth is sure to capture the imagination of head banging throngs and spellbound audiences.
Dancing Night
We’ve got a cocktail – take a team full of excellent dancers, add to this a tinge of swaying moves and a pinch of shaking hips, mix this with a whole lot of music and WHOA!!-What do you get??? A heady mixture – we call it Beat-Z-Lave..This cocktail will jolt you to such an ecstatic level that you shall cherish for a long time!! The crowd will surely reach a state of delirium and trance when the students not only exhibit elegance in classical performances but also unfurl their power in hip-hop and Bhangra and rock the floor on popular Bollywood numbers.
Celebrity Night
Sparsh has had the history of featuring some of the most celebrated Musical Icons like Euphoria, Daler Mehndi, Mohit Chauhan, Gaurav Dagaonkar, Bombay Rockers to name only a few. Here is the joy of the early spring as the festivity in air sets the stage of Sparsh ’10 on fire with the energy of thrilling live performances of another magnanimous Celebrity. The night’s charm blends finesse and ingenuity. So get ready to groove, accentuate the pace and rise to a crescendo with your favourite star adding rhythm to your life.

SPARSH always had a big roster of competitive events besides the cultural nights, and that roster just got bigger. Along with the old SPARSH favourites, a bunch of events with totally revamped formats and another bunch of whole new events will sweep everyone off their feet, at SPARSH 2010. With a total of over 25 events, almost everyone at this SPARSH will have an event that caters to their taste. The place where everyone competes equally, where talent is given its rightful reward… where dreams come true. In the past we had,
.Literary events: Debates, Just-A-Minute, mock Parliament, flash fiction contests, online essay writing contests, impromptu poetry contests.
.Fine Arts: Spot sketching, face painting, poster design, clay modeling, theme photography.

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