Allahabad University – was established on September 23, 1887. The University is the located in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh. It is the 4th oldest university in India after Calcutta, Bombay and Madras University. LT. Governor of North-Western Provinces, Sir William Muir in 1976 suggested the idea of a Central University at Allahabad. After the establishment of the University, it was functioned under the University of Calcutta. concerned about the women’s education. There are many colleges that are affiliated by Allahabad University some of them are Allahabad Degree College, Arya Kanya Degree College, C.M.P Degree College, Ewing Christian College, Rajarshi Tandon Girls Degree College, Jagat Taran Girls Degree College and many more.

Allahabad University

Allahabad University offers various courses like M.Phil, D.Phil, Post Graduate and Undergraduate. Check the article for more information regarding Allahabad University.

Allahabad University Programmes

The University offers various programmes under M.Phil, D.Phil, Post Graduate and Under Graduate. Check the table for the list of programmes.

Courses Programme
M.Phil. Development Studies


Agriculture Botany Agriculture Zoology
Economics Agriculture Chemistry
Education Ancient History
Electronics Engg. -M.Tech. in Electronic Engg. or Allied Subject Anthropology
English Arabic
Environment Studies Biochemistry
Food Technology Bioinformatics
Geology / Applied Geology / Geophysics (Earth & Planetary Science) Botany
Geography Biotechnology
Hindi Chemistry
History (Medieval & Modern) Commerce
Law Computer Science
Mathematics Defence & Strategic Studies
Business Administration (MBA) Computer Applications(MCA)
Material Sciences Musics
Nutritional Science Painting
Persian Philosophy
Physics Political Science
Psychology Sanskrit
Social Sciences Statistics
Urdu Zoology
Physical Education

Post Graduate

M.Sc Botany M.A/M.Sc. Anthropology
M.Sc. Zoology M.Sc. Agricultural Science(Agricultural Botany/Agricultural Chemistry & Soil Science/Agricultural Zoology & Entomology)
M.Sc. Chemistry M.Com
M.Sc. Computer Science M.A. & M.Sc. Defence & Strategic Studies
M.A. Economics M.A. Education
M.A. English Literature / Language M.Sc. Applied Geology
M.A. 7 M.Sc. Geography M.A. Hindi
MBA (Rural Development) M.A. Medieval & Modern History
M.A. Music (Vocal, Sitar, tabla) M.A. M.Mus(Vocal, Sitar, Tabla)
M.A. & M.Sc. Mathematics M.Sc. Computer Science
M.Sc. Material Sciences M.A. Painting
M.A. Philosophy M.Sc. Physics
M.A. Political Science M.A. & M.Sc. Psychology
M.A. Sanskrit M.A. & M.Sc. Statistics
M.A. Urdu M.Sc. Zoology
M.P.Ed. Physical Education


B.A. B.Sc.
B.Sc. (Applied Science) B.Sc.(Home Science)
B.Com. B.P.E.(Physical Education)
PG Diploma

Allahabad University Fee Structure

Check the fee structure of various course offered by Allahabad University.

Programme Total without lab fee Total with lab fee Year / Part
B.A. Rs.924 Rs.1074 I
B.A Rs.804 Rs.954 II
B.A. Rs.804 Rs.954 III
B.A.(EX) Rs.900 Rs.900 I,II,III
B.Com Rs.924 Rs.924 I
B.Com Rs.804 Rs.804 II
B.Com Rs.804 Rs.804 III
B.Com(EX) Rs.900 Rs.900 I,II,III
B.Sc. Rs.924 Rs.1074 I
B.Sc. Rs.804 Rs.954 II
B.Sc. Rs.804 Rs.954 III
B.Sc.(EX) Rs.900 Rs.900 I,II,III
M.A. `Rs.1010 Rs.1310 I
M.A. Rs.990 Rs.1290 II
M.A.(Sem) Rs.1510 Rs.1810 I
M.A.(Sem) Rs.1490 Rs.1790 II
M.A.(Ex) Rs.1100 Rs.1100 I,II
M.A.(Mass Communication) Rs.7610 Rs.7610 I
M.A.(Mass Communication) Rs.7490 Rs.7490 II
M.Sc. Rs.1010 Rs.1310 I
M.Sc Rs.990 Rs.1290 II
M.Sc(Sem) Rs.1510 Rs.1810 I
M.Sc.(Sem) Rs.1490 Rs.1790 II
M.Sc(Ex) Rs.1100 Rs.1100 I,II
M.Com(Sem) Rs.1510 Rs.1510 I
M.Com(Sem) Rs.1490 Rs.1490 II
M.Com(Ex) Rs.1100 Rs.1100 I,II
Law Rs.1224 Rs.1224 I
Law Rs.1204 Rs.1204 II
Law Rs.1204 Rs.1204 III
Law(Ex) Rs.900 Rs.900 I,II,III
Law 5 year Rs.37000 Rs.38000 I
Law 5 year Rs.34500 Rs.34500 II, III, IV, V
Law 5 (EX) Rs.15500 Rs.15500 I,II,III,IV,V
LLM Rs.1010 Rs.1010 I
LLM Rs.990 Rs.990 II
LLM (EX) Rs.1100 Rs.1100 I,II
B.Tech Rs.1610 Rs.1910 I
B.Tech Rs.1490 Rs.1790 II,III,IV
B.Tech(EX) Rs.1100 Rs.1100 I,II
M.Tech Rs.1610 Rs.1910 I
M.Tech Rs.1490 Rs.1790 II
M.Tech(EX) Rs.1100 Rs.1100 I,II
M.Tech(Earth System Sciences Sciences, IIDS) Rs.2610 Rs.3210 I
M.Tech(Earth System Sciences Sciences, IIDS) Rs.2490 Rs.3090 II
MBA Rs.1510 Rs.1510 I
MBA Rs.1490 Rs.1490 II
MBA (EX) Rs.1100 Rs.1100 I,II
BPE Rs.7760 Rs.7760 I
BPE Rs.5335 Rs.5335 II,III
BPE(EX) Rs.1750 Rs.1750 I,II
BFA Rs.4175 Rs.4175 I
BFA Rs.3620 Rs.3620 II,III,IV
BFA (EX) Rs.900 Rs.900 I,II
MFA Rs.3700 Rs.4000 I
MFA Rs.3600 Rs.3900 I,II
M.Sc. In Food technology (M.Sc. FT) Rs.1510 Rs.1510 I
M.Sc. In Food technology (M.Sc. FT) Rs.1490 Rs.1490 II
M.Sc. in Nutritional Science (M.Sc. NS) Rs.1510 Rs.1510 I
M.Sc. in Nutritional Science (M.Sc. NS) Rs.1490 Rs.1490 II
BA in Media Studies (BAMS) Rs.1224 Rs.1224 I
BA in Media Studies (BAMS) Rs.1204 Rs.1204 II, III
PG Diploma in Photojournalism & Visual Communication(PGDPJVC) Rs.1010 Rs.1010 I
BCA Rs.1224 Rs.1224 I
BCA Rs.1204 Rs.1204 II, III
MCA Rs.1510 Rs.1510 I
MCA Rs.1490 Rs.1490 II, III
PG Diploma in Computer Application Rs.1510 Rs.1510 I
BA in Fashion Design & Technology (BAFD) Rs.1224 Rs.1224 I
BA in Fashion Design & Technology (BAFD) Rs.1204 Rs.1204 II,III
Computer Aided Fashion Design Rs.1224 Rs.1224 I
Computer Aided Fashion Design Rs.1204 Rs.1204 II
Advance Diploma in Fashion Design & Technology Rs.1224 Rs.1224 I
Advance Diploma in Fashion Design & Technology Rs.1224 Rs.1224 I

Allahabad University Centres / Institutes

There are 8 Centres / Institutes of Allahabad University and 8 Studies centres under Institute of Inter Disciplinary Studies. Check the list

  • Institute of Inter Disciplinary Studies
    • Centre of Bioinformatics
    • Centre of Biotechnology
    • Centre of Material Science
    • Centre for Globalization and Development Studies
    • Nano Science and Nano Technology
    • Centre of Atmospheric and Ocean Studies
    • Centre of Environmental Science
    • Centre of Science and Society (Rural Technology and Development)
  • Centre of Behavioural and Congnitive Science
  • Institute of Gandhian Thought and Peace Studies
  • National Centre Centre of Experimental Petrology and Mineralogy
  • Govind Ballabh PantSocial Science Institute
  • Centre for Women’s Studies
  • Design Innovtion Centre
  • Institute of Professional Studies

Allahabad Universty Constitutent Colleges

Check the list of constitutent colleges

  • Allahabad Degree College
  • Arya Kanya Degree College
  • Chowdhary madhev Prasad Degree College
  • Ewing Christian College
  • Hamidia Girl’s Degree College
  • Ishwar Saran Degree College
  • Jagat Traran Girls Degree College
  • K.P. Training College
  • Rajarshi Tandon Girls Degree College
  • Sadanlal Sanwaldas Khanna Girls Degree College
  • Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Government Degree College

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