Syllabus for Entrance Test to M.A. Philosophy

  1. Western Philosophy : Nature, Branches and relation to Philosophy to Science and Religion, Thales, Pythagoras, Democritus, Socrates, Plato : Theory of Ideas, Ideal State. Aristotle : Causality, Descrates : Method of Doubt. Spinoza : Substance, Attributes, Locke : Quantities, Innate ideas, Primary and Secondary qualities. Berkeley : Esse – estpercipe, Hume : Causality, Kant : Phenomenon and Neumanon. Hegel : Dialectical Method. Freedom and Determinism. Proofs for the Existance of God. Theory of Truth.
  2. Muslim Philosophy : Origin and deployment of Muslim Philosophy. Mu’tazilites and Ash’arites – Main Doctrines. Sufism – origin and Influences. Ibn-i-Sina : Ligic, Theory of Emanation, Al-Ghazali : Method, Ethics.
  3. Indian Philosophy : Vedic Philosophy, Upanisadic Concept of Philosophy, Ultimate Reality, Ethics of Gita. Charvaka : Theory of Knowledge and Ethics, Jainism : Syadvada and Anekantavada. Buddhism : Four Noble Truths and Causation. Sankhya : Satkakriyavada Prakarti and Purusa. Patanjali : Eight fold path of Yoga. Shankara, Ramanuja : Main differences. Karma and Rebirth, Purushartha Varanashram Dhama, Gandhian Ethics. Humanism of Radhakrishnan.
  4. Ethical Philosophy : Definition and Nature of Ethics, Free will and Responsibility. Moral and Non-moral Values. Ethical Relativism. Bentham and Mill on Utilitarianism. Kant : Good will, Categorical. Imperative, Postulates of Morality. Notion of Justice. Theories of Punishment, Rights and Duties.
  5. Social and Political Philosophy : Nature and Scope of Social Philosophy, Methodology of Social Sciences. Family Marriage Property, State and Government. Social Causation : Technology, Religion, Economic, Education, Politics, Factors to Change Society, Ecology, Divine Theory, Social Contact Theory of the origin of State. Marxist Social Determinism. Justice, Equality, Liberty, Secularism, Democracy, Islamic State, Capitalism, Socialism and Islamic Economy.
  6. Contemporary Western Philosophy : Existentialism – Main Feature, Analytical Philosophy – Emphasis on Language. Kierkegaard : Subjectivity, Stages of Life. Husserl : Phenomenology. Yaspers : Existenz. Marcel : Mystery. Heidegger : Problem of Being. Sartre – Freedom, Creativity and Nothingness. Russell : Theory of Description. Moore – Common Sense. Wittgenstein – Picture Theory, Logical Positivism. Ryle – Category Mistake. Austin : Speech – Act Theory.
  7. Logic and Scientific Method : Definition of Logic. Deduction, Induction and nature of Definition. Categorical Propositions. Formal Nature of Syllogism. Symbolic Logic. Special Symbols, Analogy. Mill’s Methods. Hypothesis. Scientific Method and Unscientific Explanation. Fallacies – Relevance and Ambiguity.

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