Ankit Chauhan

Name: Ankit Chauhan
Course: BE COE
College: DCE
Year: 2010
Company: Futures First
Package offered: 8.3 LPA
Preparations: The placement season sees students preparing day and night for the dream job. I too prepared, but did not particularly set myself days to do so. I used to read the New York times a lot and keep myself updated. I did not study or revise any of my core subjects for it.
Eligibility criteria and students appeared: Futures First was open to all. Whole college appeared.
The Written round: The written round had mainly aptitude questions and almost no technical or verbal ability type of questions. I will give an example:

If fare of all people collected by conductor of bus is 40.17 $ then how many seats were vacant?

a) 7

b) 13

c) 11

d) 9

Answer is 7.

The Interview: I cleared the first written round and next had to appear for the interview session. Mainly HR questions were. I remember most of the questions like:

“What are your dreams?”

“Why should we select you in our company?”

“Tell me about yourself?”

“Anything which you like to mention other than your cv?”

“What is currency trading?”

“Explain currency trading?”

“Explain BP oil controversy?”

“What is currency of Italy?”

“What is stocks and debentures?”

Role of Internships and extracurricular activities: There was no role played by my past internships but seriously my extracurricular activities participation helped a lot!

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