Annop Ramakrishna

Name: Anoop Ramakrishna
Course: BE in Electronics and Communication
College: DCE
Year: 2009-10
Company: Aricent
Package offered: 3.5 LPA
Preparations: I had preparing for the placement sessions for the last 20 days.
Books Reffered: Of course I did not study each and every subject. I shortlisted the following: Programming and Algorithms, DSP, Operating Systems, Networking and Microprocessors. You might have to shortlist more or lesser as per requirement. Also, for these, I referred The C Language – Kernighan and Ritchie,Operating Systems – Silberschatz and Galvin, Discrete  Time Signal Processing – Oppenheim, Schaffer and Buck, Computer Netwirking – No specific book Tanenbaum is good and Algorithms – Cormen.
Website Reffered: Also people might go in extensively searching the websites. I limited myself to normal searches on Google.
GD, PI Preparation: I would also like to point out that I did not specifically prepare for Group Discussions.
Eligibility criteria and students appeared: The GPA criterion was 60% for Aricent and qualified to sit in the written round. There were almost 200 students sitting for the same.
The Written round: The paper had technical as well as aptitude and verbal ability questions. This, I cleared.
The Group Discussion Round: Then there was the Group Discussion session. In all, 20 students got shortlisted for this. We were given 2 minutes to prepare on the topic “Whether Global Light Hour has any practical significance”.
The Interview: Again, I was lucky enough, of course due to my good speaking there, to get qualified for the interview next. I was asked some basic C questions. Also I was asked about my background.
Role of Internships and extracurricular activities: They did not particularly ask about my internship, but as they read the resume thoroughly, they might have paid attention to it there. For the role played by extracurricular activities, I would say on a scale of 10, they would be contributing 1.5

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