With a view to promotion of a cleaner India, NSS, Delhi Technological University (DTU) in collaboration with Imagindia Institute organised Clean India Clean with me Campaign. The campaign was inaugurated by Prof. P. B. Sharma, Vice Chancellor, DTU and Shri Robinder Sachdev, President, IMAGINDIA Institute. The event saw participation of more than 200 students of DTU, faculty members and students from Delhi University.

In his remarks, Prof. P.B. Sharma, Vice Chancellor, DTU said, “As India embarks upon the world leadership on techno economic fronts, it would be absolutely essential for India to be a clean India, for India to be a safe India, for India to be an India where hygiene and cleanliness achieves the desired benchmark. The clean India campaign which means at DTU together with Imagindia is the desired step in this direction to sensitise the young budding engineers and techno managers about the need to create clean India. I feel excited about its mission and happy that a large number of volunteers from DTU-NSS Unit have joined in this drive today cleaning the campus and sending the message across. We wish to do it regularly till such time that every boy and girl becomes restless to clean India with me.”

“A cleaner environment will promote health, happiness and a general sense of wholesome well being,” says Ishita Chawla , 4th year student of Software Engineering. Ankit Sharma, final year student of automobile engineering says that “the best way to find yourself is to immerse yourself into the service of others”.

Come, Clean India is a national movement to make, and keep, public spaces clean in India. The movement is generating a national will and action among the people, parliamentarians, and government of India to solve the problem of cleanliness.

The Imagindia Institute is a non partisan, independent think tank and research center with a mission to promote the image and imagination of India. In pursuit of its mission, Imagindia conducts research, designs strategy, implements projects, and where necessary attempts to shape public and elite opinion – within India, and globally.

Imagindia helps foreign governments, corporate and political leaders, media, and publics to better understand and engage with India. Imagindia simultaneously assists the Indian governmental, political, and business leaderships, and the public and media, to better interpret, strategize, and implement India’s geopolitical and economic interests in the global theatre and foreign markets.

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