Class Notes

Semester / Year Subject / Branch Topic / Class
I Semester Engineering Drawing Important Questions
I Semester Physics Optics
I Semester English English Solution
I Semester English English Words
I Semester Environmental Environmental Science
I Semester AC Ion Exchange Resins
I Semester Maths I Mathematics 1 Formulae
I Semester Maths II Mathematics 2 Formulae
I Semester Chemistry Bio Phaserule
I Semester Environmental Origin and evolution of earth
I Year APAC Ceramics and Refractories
I Year APAC Composite Materials
I Year Environmental Water Pollution
I Year PIE Hazra Chaoudhary
I Year APAC Biomolecules

Practical Files

Semester Branch Subject / Class
I Semester Engineering Drawing Important Questions
I Semester Electrical Electical File
II Semester Applied Machanics
IV Semester Electrical Workshop
IV Semester Fluid Machanics
IV Semester Hydriculic Lab
IV Semester Mechanical Science Lab
V Semester Instrumentation
VI Semester Mass Transfer Lab
VI Semester PSCT Polymer Blend and Composite
VII Semester PSCT Polymer_Synthesis
VII Semester PSCT Computer Integrated Manufacturing
ME Applied Machanics
ME ET-Practicals

Class Assignments

Semester Branch Subject / Class
I Semester Basic Machenical Engineering Assignment
I Semester Computer Assignment
I Semester Permanent Magnet Magnetic Generator

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