Himanshu - CoE - Google
Himanshu – CoE – Google

Delhi: September 18, 2013: Delhi Technological University (DTU) students are being placed in excellent companies for the academic session 2013-14. The DTU academic session began on 1stAugust and more than 40 reputed companies have visited the University so far and 265 job offers have been received in the first month of Academic Year 2013-14. DTU has scored Rank 1 in placements in the Best Colleges of Engineering survey conducted by Outlook including IITs.

Google, USA has offered 93 Lakh pay package ($1,15,000 + 125 Google Stock Units)  to Mr. Himanshu Jindal, 4th year student of Department of Computer Engineering.

Recently 11 students bagged offers from EPIC, US based software company. EPIC has offered pay package of 1,05,000 USD (70 Lakh INR) to Mr. Nilesh Aggarwal, 4th year student of Department of Software Engineering, DTU, Ms. Navy Singla, 4th year student of Department of Computer Engineering, Mr. Mohit Yadav, 4th year student of Department of Computer Engineering, Mr. Ekaansh Goel, 4th year student of Department of Computer Engineering, Mr. Ujjwal Arora, 4th year student of Department of Computer Engineering, Mr. Ashutosh Mishra, 4th year student of Department of Computer Engineering, Mr. Shubham Somani, 4th year student of Department of Information Technology and Mr. Akhil Lochab, 4th year student of Department of Information Technology. In addition one student has been offered pay package of 28 Lakh INR from Goldman Sachs and 8 students have been offered pay package of 19 Lakh from Amazon.

“DTU has strong industrial surface and its UG & research programs are of high relevance & great value to the industries. Our educational strategy provides for the troika of education, research and innovations right from Under Graduate education onwards. The students are encouraged to opt for projects of high value to the industry. This way we equip our students with the wings of knowledge and power of innovation so much needed for excelling in the industries. The phenomenal rise in campus placements truly reflect the faith of world class industries in DTU.”, informs Prof. P.B. Sharma, Vice Chancellor, DTU.

DTU students are being placed in international companies of high repute. DTU prepares students beyond structured curriculum by encouraging industry interface at various levels through guest lectures, industrial visits and project work, which bridges the gap between graduating engineers and professional engineers and makes our students job-ready, informs Dr. Ruchika Malhotra, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer & Software Engineering.

“I would like to thank Prof. P.B. Sharma, Vice Chancellor of DTU, faculty members and my parents. I am feeling very happy that I have got such an excellent placement in a world renowned company like Google. This is due all my hardwork and blessings of my parents and friends”, informed Himanshu Jindal, 4th Year Student of Department of Computer Engineering while expressing his happiness.

“I was feeling great to be selected for Epic system. As it was a huge company I was very much interested in finding their work. For my success I would greatly like to thank my parents and college and all my professors who help me in building strong technical concepts especially Dr. Ruchika Malhotra ma’am who were a great mentor to me and supported me a lot in my college projects which were key to my success in EPIC”, said Nilesh Aggarwal, 4th Year Student of Department of Software Engineering.

“I am very grateful to Delhi Technological University for providing me the environment for developing independent and creative thinking. Placement at EPIC is a combined effort of hardwork , luck and blessings and support from my family and friends”, informed Mohit Yadav, 4th Year Student of Department of Computer Engineering.

“6 August 2013 was the day when I got a job offer from WalmartLabs. It was indeed one of the best days of my entire college life. Being hired for one of the leading companies of the world, fills me with happiness and joy. I feel extremely honoured to be a part of an association which is internationally renowned and technologically advanced. For all this, I sincerely want to thank my college, our Hon’ble Vice Chancellor sir, and my entire faculty of software engineering department who helped me in achieving all my goals and for mentoring me throughout my college life. Today, when I stand with an offer letter from WalmartLabs in one hand and the values taught by my college in another, I am ready to head towards Bangalore in July 2014”, said Nancy Aggarwal, 4th Year Student of Department of Software Engineering.

“I feel very blessed to get a chance to commence my career with such an exciting work profile at the prestigious Goldman Sachs. This has only been possible because of the unrelenting support of my family and close friends every step of the way. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Vice Chancellor PB Sharma sir and the wonderful faculty at Delhi Technological University for providing us students with such opportunities to a brilliant start to our careers. I am eternally grateful to the brilliant Training and Placement Department of our college who work 24X7 to provide us the best opportunities and equip us to make the most of them,” informs Pooja Chitkara, 4th Year Student of Department of Computer Engineering.

A major highlight of this year’s placement is that the leading companies besides making job offers to the final year students are also offering paid internship to the 3rd year students. This shall further enhance the industry interface, prepare students for the technology challenges of the industries and in turn shall assure even better Pre-Placement jobs offers for the students.

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Another student Smit Sanghvi has bagged an annual salary package of USD 1,15,000 (Rs 93 lakh) plus 125 stock options from Google, US. This is arguably the highest offer ever that an engineering student from Gujarat has bagged. 

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