Himanshu Doval

Name: Himanshu Doval
Course: B.E. ECE
College: Delhi College of Engineering
Year of Placement: 2010
Company: Dunnhumby
Package offered: 10 LPA
Preparations: Run of the mill MBA coaching classes modules help come up to speed for aptitude.
Books Referred: What I felt was that none of the subjects  from the curriculum mattered for Dunnhumby!
Websites Referred: I referred: www.glassdoor.com for company reviewswww.chotanarad.com for reviews as well as insights

Generic logical puzzle sites

Group Discussion and PI preparation: I did no special preparation for GDs.For PI’s it’s most advisable to stock up on the usual suspects like “Tell me about yourself” and “What are your biggest strengths and weaknesses” etc etc
Eligibility Criteria: They shortlisted on basis of resume. About 500 students were shortlisted.
The Written round: It mainly had aptitude and personality development related questions.
The Group Discuss Round: We were given to discuss the Dunnhumby case data
The Interview: The interview had mainly HR questions.
Role of Internships and extracurricular activities: Internships were no help for this company. But extra currics, yes, It plays a very important role to be an “all-rounder” especially in consultancies, where they test you holistically.

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