Jatin Mehra

Name: Jatin Mehra
Course: BE in Computer Engineering
College: DCE
Year: 2010-2011
Company: MISYS
Package offered: 4.34 LPA
Preparations: You might not believe me if I said it, but I actually just prepared for a week for the placement.
Books Reffered: I can simply count on my fingers the books I referred to: Test Your C Skills and OS by Galvin.
Website Reffered: Also I used to visit the site geeksforgeeks.org.
Eligibility criteria and students appeared: The GPA criteria set was 65%. Almost 70 or so students appeared for the written round.
The Written round: The paper had both technical and aptitude questions. The pattern was as such:

4 Tests

20 min Aptitude Test

10 min OS Test

10 Min OOP Test.

Choice in C++, .Net, Java

The Interview: Next was the interview round where both technical and HR questions were asked. I remember one question: Difference b/w 2 sorts and about Factorial 😀

Then this was unique: They asked me to take their Interview!

After 6-7 question asked me to ask more.

Apart from that, they asked me to tell about myself, in particular they asked a lot about my badminton history, was there any moment of demise and also if I  was comfortable to work in Bangalore.

Role of Internships and extracurricular activities: They did not pay attention to my past internship I felt.

Anyways, it all ended well!

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