Lina Thomas

Name: Lina Thomas
Course: Electronics & Communication Engineering
College: FET- Jamia Millia Islamia
Year: 2008
Company: Adobe
Package Offered: 5.2 LPA
Preparations: Not in particular, but I became aware of Current affairs from 3rd year itself. Contents from my Faculty Library and various journals also helped me a lot (IEEE-Spectrum for instance). Newspapers like “The Hindu” should be referred regularly to keep yourself up-to-date.

In Electronics & Communication Engineering Department, Jamia I found the VLSI design as one of my favorites. I was also a die-hard patron of Robotics and Embedded Systems.

As I was preparing for my GATE/PSU general aptitude developed from there.

Books Reffered: Just concentrated on my regular Course Books, internship experience at TATA also helped me a lot.

The main fact is one should be confident and dynamic in his personality, rest all goes well. A good academic track record plays an important role.

GD and PI preparations: Group Discussions with friends, various college events-organized by local student branches, watching talk shows….American accent, etc helped me to represent myself differently at my personal interview. I also appeared for the D.R.D.O. recruitment, and few experiences there also helped a lot.
Eligibility criteria and students appeared: GPA of 8.5 was the cutoff. From various branches including Computers, Mechanical, and Electrical and of course ECE near about 90 approximately appeared.
The Written round: It had technical + aptitude + personality development questions.
The test had English vocabulary, mainly verbal reasoning, and quantitative ability tests. Few family hierarchy problems, “how do you deserve yourself different from others for us?” etc type of questions……
The group Discussion: There were 6 students in each group of GD.
At my turn I remember our topic was “Indian bureaucracy – foundation strengths or colonial hangovers?” We were given 5 minutes to prepare for it. At the end we were told that more elaborate points should have been given.
The Interview: It was mainly HR based.
Role of Internships and extracurricular activities: Role of internships: Communication skills and personality development, learned to manage tasks in the internships.

Role of extra currics: If you are good academically, then not really but having something extra is always beneficial. The person interviewing you must be satisfied that yes this chap is the one we wanted.

Either you prove this with your marks, co-curriculars, or decent attitude…

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