The Library is sanctum sanatorium in the temple of learning. It is the heart of teaching and research. The Central library has 1,04,382 Collection of books and bound periodicals. It also subscribes 53 Indian and 237 International technical periodicals. In order to facilitate all the readers in selecting the reading materials of their choice, the access to stacks is open to its members. Keeping the library on modern techniques, the reading materials has been classified and catalogued as Dewey Decimal Classification and Anglo- American Cataloguing Rules-II.

It works as nerve center of the institution by keeping the knowledge of students and faculty members update. Information data bank is constantly updated and facilities are added. The present library area spreads over 2455.49 sqm.

The functionaries of central library is guided by the setup of LLRC and Working Group.


Reader Services
Circulation of books; textbook reading section, reference section and Journals/Periodicals reading section to activate research.

News Papers and Magazines
The Central Library subscribes 11 newspapers (04 Hindi + 07 English) and 17 popular magazines on different topics.

Book-Bank Services
The Textbook Lending Book-bank (TLB) service is being extended to Institute students since 1967. From the book bank , a maximum of five books can be borrowed for each semester by the students of under graduate classes. Similerly five books can also be borrowed from MCA-TLB Bank by MCA students. There are also SC/ST Book Bank and SC/ST Pre-Examination Training Center for Central Services.

Internet Access Facility
The Central Library provides 25 internet connections to its user and majority of students frequently use on-line journals for their research activities.

Video Viewing Facility Services
Video viewing facility is available for self study through video tapes of learning materials on all working days, saturday and sunday.

Reprographic Services:
Facility for photocopy (copies of information materials available in library ) is provided on payment basis.

Manual Catalogue
The manual catalogue is comprised of three parts i.e. the Title, Author and the Subject catalogue. The entries in title catalogue are arranged according to subject in alphabetical order. The entries in Author catalogue are arranged according to surname of the author in alphabetical order. The entries in Subject catalogue are arranged according to subjects in alphabetical order. User can search the document through author’s name or through subject/ keywords.

On-line Public Access Catalogue (OPAC)
Central Library has fully computerized catalogue search facility available to users through intranet. One can search a book by author, title or subject. In case of any difficulty library personnel may be contacted for assistance.

Books requisition procedure
As and when the central library receives the requisition of books in the prescribed format ( form available at the end of webpage), duly signed and forwarded by the HOD’s, the duplicacy of their title is checked. The book is pleased order after the approval of Director.

Journals Requisition Procedure
The librarian send a request to all HOD’s of the Institute for the requisition of journals in the coming year along with a list of journals currently subscribed in the Central Library.

Computer Centre
The computer centre is solely responsible for keeping Computation related facilities available to each and every member of MNNIT Allahabad. Computer Center provides Email,Web, DNS, FTP, Internet access, HPC and other services 24 hours and 365 days a year. Computer Centre also provides various advance and special purposesoftware for all the campus users.

Internet Facilities:

  • 24×7 internet connectivity with 1110 Mbps [1000Mbps(1:1) from NKN (through Railtel) ,50 Mbps (1:1) from BSNL ,
  • 50 Mbps (1:1) from Airtel & 10 Mbps (1:1) from BSNL] is provided using optical fiber backbone covering departments, student hostels and residential areas.
  • Wired & wireless internet connectivity in the campus

There are seven Boys and two Girls hostels at present in the Institute. The capacity of boys hostel is 1800 (1044 single seated rooms and 252 triple seated rooms ) and that of girls hostel is 145. Room allotment is done in such a way that students from different parts of country freely intermingle with each other depicting national integration. Hostel messes are run no profit no loss basis. The messes are managed by nominated representatives of students under the overall supervisions of wardens. The foreign students run their separate mess named as international mess. In this mess non vegetarian food is also served. The newly admitted boys students are kept in separate hostels away from senior students to avoid ragging. The hostel administration grants financial assistance to meet the mess bills to many needy students. One new hostel has also been constructed to accommodate additional number of students. Several new facilities are being provided in girls hostel viz. washing machines, refrigerators, computers, internet connectivity. One PCO booth is also working in the girls hostel campus. There is a team of a warden in charge and warden for each of the hostel. They look after the affairs of the room allocation to the individual students and issuing the ‘Concession Forms’ for the students going home during the Institute vacations. All the student complaints regarding the room maintainence are routed through the warden of the hostel to the concerned authorities.



  • Geysers and Water coolers with aquaguard on every floor.
  • PCO for STD/Local calls.
  • Books and Stationary shop.
  • 24 hours internet connectivity with 100 Mbps LAN.
  • Guest room.
  • Generator, which in case of power failure provides electricity to the hostels.
  • All night canteen.
  • Magazine and Newspapers are provided.
  • Students club.


  • Games facilities including Table Tennis boards etc.
  • Washing machine.
  • PCO inside the hostel.
  • Generator, which in case of power failures provides electricity to the mess and the common room.
  • Provisional goods store in the hostel premises.
  • Four Computers.
  • Intercom line.
  • 24 hours internet connectivity with 100 Mbps LAN.
  • Water cooler and Geysers.
  • Magazine and Newspapers are provided.
  • Two motor pumps installed.
  • Air cooler and Refrigerator.
  • Stereo system.

This is run by students in both boys and girls hostel. Mess workers are under their control.

Sweeper cleans the hostels everyday. White washing is done annually.Electrician and Carpenters are available from 10am to 6pm.The peon and hostel attendants look after any problem which may arise due to nonfunctioning of any item.

Students Club
Each room in every hostel has a chair, a study table, a tea table, a cot, a fan, a bulb connection, two plug points and two shelves.

  • Canteen.
  • Stationary shop.
  • Three television sets.
  • Carrom room.
  • Table Tennis room.
  • Reading room.
  • Photography club.
  • Intercom connection.
  • Chess Boards.
  • Enough space for discussions and relaxing.

Each room in every hostel has a chair, a study table, a tea table, a cot, a fan, a bulb connection, two plug points and two shelves.

Health Centre
It is an out patient Dispensary catering the following need of Approximately 3000 students and similar number of staff & their dependents.

Timing of Dispensary:
All working days of institute:From 7.30 am to 6.00pm
All Saturdays and Sundays:From 9.00am to 1.00pm


  • Consultation & Dispensing of medicines to students, staff & their dependents.
  • Special facilities of E.C.G., sugar testing by Glucometer
  • Services of Dental surgeon, Orthopedic surgeon, Ophthalmic surgeon, Skin specialist, Gynecologist are available on different days (see Duty Chart)
  • Homeopathic medicines also being provided under consultation of Homeopathic consultant.
  • Physiotherapist is also available for all type of physiotherapy.
  • Organization of different camps and talks for benefit and awareness of mass in diseases like Hepatitis ,AIDS, Asthma, Diabetes and Arthritis.

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