Shashank Sharma

Name: Shashank Sharma
Course: Production and industrial engineering
College: Delhi College of Engineering
Year of Placement: 2010
Company: Tata motors
Package offered: 5+benifits
Preparations: I devoted a week prior to any company’s arrival
Books Referred:
  • Mechanical Engineering objective by KHURMI GUPTA.
  • and any course book of your favorite subject. ( select it diplomatically depending on the company you are sitting for)
  • plus any book preparing one for CAT ( do it full)

I tried my best to do all the objective questions given in KHURMI GUPTA.

As I had joined career launcher and was regularly solving my study material cracking the aptitude section of written exams became slightly less challenging.

Though it was after 5 written paper rejects that I managed to clear the written exam of l & t and tata motors. If you are from production you must be first of all very clear with your core subjects and only then embark on core mechanical subjects. you must complete all topics pertaining to thermodynamics and strength of materials.


Websites Referred: I Googled.
Group Discussion and PI preparation:

GD- There are three simple rules for cracking the GD.

1) Initiate only if you feel you can base you line with facts not merely opinions. and remeber the person who initiates always gets attacked.

2) Always base your opinions with facts not muses like atal behari vajpayee did.

3) Introduce more perspectives into the gd and always smile and look into the eye.

There is always the possibility of a jackass as your opponent so he/she may have the habit of speaking brashly or loudly simply maintain your cool and introduce your point when he is about to breath. 😀

In the interview go with the perspective to learn and meet people. the recruiters are an interesting bunch. And if your favorite subjects are in line with their company profile you will have no problems. And when they inquire as to ‘do you have any queries?’ ask some interesting questions about the company. I asked as to would land rover and jaguars be manufactured in INDIA would there be any (dramatic) design changes in new products because of access to jaguar spread sheets etc etc… Do you use CRDE engines? blah blah

Eligibility Criteria: 60% in every semester. 70 students were there.
The Written round:

Written test of Tata motors had 73 questions and for each question you were given 45 seconds to solve. Often I managed to solve the question but the time taken was more and the question used to disappear from the screen.

I lost three questions because of my slow speed. Technical questions were from TOOLS, FLUID, THERMO, Refrigeration, turbines and CPM, PERT.

Aptitude section was like a MINI version of cat. Word meaning (simple like decimated, gaucherie, obsolete just read the newspaper like 4 times a week) then speed distance and time questions, number system (LCM, HCF ad the stuff). And normal graphs and curves wale data interpretation questions very very simple.

Your speed must be good that’s it. You don’t need to learn rocket science to solve stuff.

There were technical and aptitude questions mainly.

The Group Discuss Round:

There were 7 students to each GD round. We were given 2 minutes to prepare.

Topic: “Has Indian cricket deteriorated?”

I gave a history of cricket from Imran Khan to the rustic Yuvraj Singh. 😛

The interviewers gave pretty honest opinions about the students.

The Interview:

This had both technical and HR rounds.

It included a full on inquiry on your training. And they try to see as to how much justice you did to the project in hand at the time of training.


Why do u want to join Tata?

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

But yet again no point in memorizing these questions. You have to be natural and spontaneous and recruiters appreciate your confidence and intellectual honesty.Marks alone are not sufficient you must engage in extracurricular technical activities throughout your three years in college.

Role of Internships and extracurricular activities:

I had interned in MARUTI SUZUKI. And they treated me as their secret agent who was willing to divulge details about the Maruti plant.

They asked me to tell me about their plant layout. The type of flow lines. Asked me to compare Swift  with Indica ( had to be very very very diplomatic).

If you have a completed project they will show an interest in your efforts.

Engineering aint just about getting frustrated in your hostel rooms. Do justice to your degree and spend time writing research papers and some projects (which are physically implemented not just hypothesized )

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